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Lifted Jeep Shackles for Jeep CJ's and Wrangler YJ



jeep shacklesDem BONZ.....


Pictured are the CJ front BONZ.

You want cool and functional? Bonz is it! These shackles are not only fun to look at, easy to install, provide additional lift, and come with all mounting hardware.... They raise the 'cool' factor of your vehicle SEVERAL times!

BONZ shackles are available for YJ Wranglers and Jeep CJ and are sold in pairs of two. They are coated black for a super durable long-lasting finish. BONZ are CNC billet machined which is how they get that super cool look each and every time. They also come with complete hi-grade mounting hardware! Each shackle also comes with the BONZ skull & crossbones signature logo. The extra leverage provided by, and 3-bolt design of these shackles increases your articulation, can help quite a bit with ride quality, and make them a very FUNctional modification as well.

BONZ shackles provide a mild amount of lift. They won't transform your vehicle into a towering hulk, but the hot new look will really spice things up.

So.... give us a call and order yourself up some of the funnest shackles you've ever laid eyes on and make your vehicle the envy of all your wheeling buddies!

Please note, photo is of CJ front shackles. All Wranglers, and CJ rears, have a dog-leg bend for increased clearance and performance. Pics coming soon.


BONZ Jeep Shackle Lifts





Standard 1" Lift Jeep Shackles

Whether you're looking to take advantage of longer travel in a set of lifted springs, trying to fine tune the lift height on your Jeep, or looking for a mild lift to throw a little bit larger tire on and soften out your ride, Rocky Road shackles will fill the bill. Rocky Road offers 2" taller shackles for a full 1" of actual lift. Why no taller? Because in our experience, any taller can be dangerous. Net lift on shackles is 1/2 of the extra shackle height. This is because only one end of the spring is lifted, not both. In other words, a 2" shackle will actually get you 1" of lift on your vehicle. 

Our shackles are CAD cut for not only consistency and quality, but also beefy looks. Maybe not as fancy as our BONZ shackles, but they definitely get the job done.

We use a 3 bolt system for the most suspension flex enhancing shackles you can buy. In typical Rocky Road fashion, we overbuild our shackles and powdercoat them black. They offer great flex for the articulation junkie.

Kits for Jeep YJ Wranglers and CJ's.  

1" Lift Jeep Shackle Kits (per pair)