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jeep lift installation

Jeep Pitman Arm
(Wrangler, Unlimited, Rubicon Drop Pitman Arm)


Jeep pitman armPerfect for lifted Wranglers, Rubicons, or Unlimiteds from 1987-2006. Available for Jeeps with power steering.... at or over 3" of lift.

The Y-linkage of the Jeep doesn't require full height pitman drops, so these can help on lifts up to about 8" tall.

Wranglers don't require much drop to help fix bumpsteer, 'death wobble', and other handling problems. Our taller pitman arm will help you correct your steering angles and put YOU back in control.

Our mildly dropped arms do not cause enough change in alignment between the steering and track bar to cause any complications.

Steering correction of some sort is a necessary item for Jeeps with larger lifts, a drop pitman arm can be the most economical fix available.




Jeep Drop Pitman Arms