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jeep patriot lift installation

Jeep Patriot Bumper, Winch, & Brush Bar Kits


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Jeep Patriot winch bumper

Patriot winch and offroad bumper kits

Pictured at left is the Winch Mount kit AND the Stage 2 Brush Bar bumper kit.
This Patriot is also sporting our Supersliders and Adventure Rack system.

We also have Bumper kits for NO Winch mounting, our Stage 1 bumpers in the order section..

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As the Jeep Patriot gains popularity all around the world, more and more of these vehicles are hitting the trails.

Some people don't think you can take these Jeeps offroad and have some fun, but Patriot owners know better!
After all... ITS A JEEP!

And being that it is a true Jeep, Jeep owners are starting to get the itch to improve, build up, and equip their vehicles for the trail. Rocky Road is the first and only company to introduce lift kits, skidplate, rack systems for the Jeep Patriot, and once again Rocky Road is the first to provide a true winch mounting system and bumper kit as well.

Whether you want a winch system with a cool new bumper, or just the bumper on its own without the winch, we've got you covered in any case. Take a look at our pictures and information and please feel free to email us if you have any questions at all.



When you're checking out the photos of our awesome looking system, what you cannot see in these photos of the outside of the Jeep is THE MEAT of the Rocky Road winch mounting kit. This is completely tucked inside and behind the factory plastic bumper shell.

Your factory plastic bumper shell is currently mounted to a steel frame, which then attaches to the actual frame of your Patriot. Our kit completely replaces that steel bumper frame and provides a new heavy duty steel frame which also includes the new winch mounting provisions. The Rocky Road winch mounting kit comes with the necessary mounting/hardware in addition to the *factory hardware when your stock steel bumper frame is removed and replaced.Jeep Compass winch-bumper kit

Pictured at right is the mounting frame for the winch and bumper
included in our Patriot Winch Mount kit.

The Rocky Road winch mount kit is a full bolton system. No need to do metal-work, fabrication, or welding to your Jeep.... Though of course as you can see from the photos, an opening does need to be cut into the bumper face itself for the winch cable. While this kit is designed to be do-able by experienced at home do-it-yourselfers, having a body shop or mechanic perform the installation may be helpful.

The kit includes a detailed instruction manual with lots of pictures to help make the installation run as smoothly as possible.

WARNING: If you're entertaining the thought of a larger/heavier bumper system for your Patriot, we must recommend against this. Those kits add hundred of lbs to your Jeep and will alter the handling of the Jeep, the alignment of the Jeep, and before long, you will notice the springs beginning to sag. The RRO bumper kits, although VERY strong, were designed with weight savings in mind to make sure your Jeep still handled the same and didn't chew thru springs year after year. Keep it smart, keep it light, with bumpers from Rocky Road.


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Stage 1 Jeep Patriot Bumper System

Jeep Compass bumper kit
Stage 1 Bumper
IPF Round Lights Shown
Stage 1 Bumper
Rectangular IPF Lights Shown

The STAGE 1 BUMPER KIT is a very simple bolton kit which does not require our winch mount. It will install onto your vehicle as is and so is a super easy and budget minded bumper kit.

The Stage 1 kit does give you a stout bar and bash plate up front. This kit also comes with light mounting tabs included (visible in the pictures above).

Stage 2 Jeep Patriot Bumper Systems

Jeep Patriot offroad bumper
Stage 2 Bumper kit
IPF Rectangular Lights
Stage 2 Bumper, Brush Bar kit, 4 Round IPF lights
Stage 2 Bumper
optional Brush Bar kit
Jeep Patriot Brush Bar Jeep Patriot bumper with brush guard Jeep Patriot Offroad Bumper and light kit
Stage 2 Bumper
optional Brush Bar Kit
Stage 2 Bumper
Brush Bar & 2 Round IPF lights
Stage 2 Bumper System
Brush Bar kit and IPF lights

The STAGE 2 BUMPER KIT does require our winch mount system and includes the opening for winch installation. As with the Stage 1 kit, light mounts are included. IPF round and rectangular lights which are shown in pictures above can be purchased as optional items.

The BRUSH BAR BUMPER kit... Not only is it functional as a great brace and impact plate, this awesome push bar on the front of your Jeep will give it a VERY tough offroad look. It really transforms the look of your Jeep from standard SUV, to that of a trail-ready offroad MACHINE... whether you plan to take it offroad or not. This is the kit you should choose if you want the bumper AND plan to install a winch initially, or one day in the future. Having a winch is not a requirement for the Brush bar, but you MUST have a winch mounting kit in order to run the Brush Bar Bumper.



Bumper kits are available for series 1 Patriot (generally 2010 and older), and series 2 Patriot (generally 2011 and newer) Jeep. The photos below give examples of the Series 1 and 2 front bumpers. Some Jeeps may also have silver colored bumper stripes, or other minor cosmetic differences. If you have questions on this, please email us. Click each photo below for a larger view.

2007-2010 Offroad patriot
SERIES 1 style Patriot
SERIES 2 style Patriot


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Rocky Road Winch Mounting kits (Series 1 and 2)
Rocky Road Bumper Accessory kits
        Stage 2 kits requires the above listed winch mount system

Warn - Heavy Duty winch with free shipping
       Free shipping available ONLY with purchase of a Rocky Road Winch kit.

     *Fairlead Mounted License Plate Holder
     *Winch Cover plate
      If you don't want a winch right away, use this small plate to
             cover the winch cable opening on our Stage 2 kits
     *IPF Lights - as pictured on our bumpers above


Jeep Patriot Bumper Accessories


Rocky Road bumper kits for Jeep Patriot

DESIGN: When you purchase this bumper system, you can be assured it's been designed to suit your vehicle. This kit was engineered by hand, and precision cut using the latest CAD equipment, taking all aspects of the vehicle into consideration. The front of the vehicle was carefully assessed to determine the height of the winch, mounting strength, wiring and cooling lines and hoses, vulnerable equipment and panels, radiator air flow etc.

QUALITY: The other most obvious feature that sets Rocky Road equipment apart is the quality. Quality of material, quality of manufacture, quality of finish. Our commitment to quality is visible in every accessory we manufacture.

FINISH: To ensure your investment is properly protected, all Rocky Road kits are treated with a chemical wash, high temperature powdercoat application, and a sealing system.