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Removable Jeep Wrangler TJ Mud Flaps



Jeep mud flapsSick of being hassled by cops for oversized tires? Or maybe you just want to cover up for safety on the highway or to your favorite trail.

Want mud flaps for the mud but don't want them to get munched in the rocks?

Here is answer! Quick release Jeep mud flaps.

Bolt these up, cover your rear with heavy duty rubber mudflaps, and remove them with the pull of a pin. Takes a full 3 seconds to pull these things off. Heavy duty construction and powdercoating for both looks and durability. Our kit comes with all mounting hardware and mudflap brackets.

The kit is pictured to the left with some rubber mudflaps, but these rubber pieces are NOT part of the kit. You can find them at most any auto parts store, trailer store, and even truck stops.

Kit comes with brackets and hardware.... you can buy the Jeep mud flap brackets alone, or get a kit that includes new mud flaps.




Jeep TJ Mud Flap Brackets
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