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Jeep MSD Ignition Components



Jeep MSDJeep MSD 6-AL Ignition Control

Increases Power.
Quickens throttle response.
Smooths idle and eases starting.
Reduces spark plug fouling.

The MSD 6-AL Ignition Control is designed specifically for heavy duty offroad use. This is a capacitive discharge, multiple spark ignition which means that every spark is at full power no matter what rpm you're at. When you're crawling over rocks or creeping up steep grades, these full power sparks are a huge advantage.

Below 3,000 rpm the MSD produces multiple sparks rather than just a single spark. This spark series lasts for 20° of crankshaft rotation whether there is two or six sparks. This ensures complete combustion of the fuel mixture producing more power and quick throttle response. At speeds over 3,000 rpm, there is only a single spark, however that spark also lasts for the full 20° of crank rotation.

To battle the harsh offroad elements, the 6-AL is completely potted with an epoxy compound called ResTech. This material encases the unit creating a water and vibration proof ignition. Weather tight connectors are installed to provide positive locking and water resistant electrical connections. We ran the MSD on our vehicle in the 1997 Four Wheeler Magazine Top Truck Challenge and can attest to its waterproofness. Thru the deepest bowels of the Tank Traps, our ignition system kept pulling us thru. It is also a 50-state smog legal modification and comes with smog stickers and certification.



MSD 6-AL Ignition - $264




Jeep MSD CoilBlaster High Vibration Coil

For circle track, off road and other severe duty racing applications, this is the coil! The windings of the High Vibration Coil are completely encased in a premium epoxy making it impossible for vibration to affect the windings. This assembly is housed in a unique alkyd molded shell which provides high dielectric characteristics plus a very durable shell. Brass primary terminals ensure full voltage delivery and are spaced far apart to eliminate the chance of spark arc-over. The High Vibration Coil can be mounted in any position and can be used with a standard canister coil mount. We run this on our vehicles and it is a top performer! 50 state smog legal and comes with certification paperwork.

Kit will fit:
78-83 Jeep CJ-5
78-86 Jeep CJ-7
81-85 Jeep CJ-8
87-90 Jeep Wrangler (YJ)


MSD Blaster Coil - $53