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Jeep Liberty Spare Tire Mount/Extension


Jeep Liberty spare tire mount

This is a great and very easy way to get your spare tire up just a bit more. Makes the rear look a bit better with that extra clearance. The Spare Tire Extension bracket bumps your carrier up and out so you can carry larger spare tires with extra clearance. It is powdercoated and comes with hardware for a mod that makes sense, looks good, and is very affordable!

Fits perfect with oversized tires while still allowing the rear glass hatch to swing freely upward. No interference at all with tires as large as p265/75's.

Without our extension, you'll have to have a deftly coordinated 2-handed closing every time.... making sure to slide the glass in a bit before the tailgate, but not before, then slamming the tailgate within that 1" of swing space, and then clicking the glass down. Sounds like a hassle? It is. Our bolton piece eliminates this.



Jeep Liberty Spare Tire Mount/Extension - $69