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Jeep Liberty Snorkel (2002-07)


Jeep Liberty SnorkelJeep Liberty Snorkel (KJ)

Jeep Liberty Snorkels.
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Jeep Liberty Snorkel
Safari Snorkel kit
Jeep Liberty SnorkelAIRFLOW Snorkel kit
From the Amazon to the Andies - from the Kalahari to the Kimberley - from the Sahara to the Simpson, four wheel drivers the world over have put their trust in a genuine Snorkel System from Rocky Road Outfitters.

Pioneered in Australia in the early 1980's, Snorkels were born out of a need to protect 4WD engines from the hazards of dust and water commonly encountered in touring and off road applications.

In arguably the best, if not toughest environment, Snorkel Systems from Rocky Road are thoroughly researched, tested and tooled for each unique model of popular 4WD and now available for your Jeep Liberty

The Jeep Liberty Snorkel Systems are manufactured to the highest standards in durable, UV stable, cross linked polyethylene material and deliver a continuous and cooler supply of air for maximum engine Jeep Liberty Snorkelperformance. Each system includes quality fixtures and fittings, which offer superior sealing, presentation and long-term durability.

Optional pre-cleaners are available for extreme dust conditions and be sure to check out the exclusive Rocky Road snorkel pre-filter kit listed at the bottom of this webpage.

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Snorkels available thru Rocky Road were twice awarded Best After Market Product of the Year by 4X4 Australia Magazine, and are distributed extensively in Australia and around the world.

Be assured - when you choose a Snorkel System from Rocky Road Outfitters for your Jeep Liberty, you are choosing the industry's best.





Jeep Liberty SnorkelWhy a snorkel? Cause you never know how deep that creek is.... and once you are in, it is too late. Taking in water through the air intake can hydraulic an engine which leads to bent and thrown rods. We know this as we had our engine blow up on the way back from Rubicon once after taking an unexpected deep drop.

Our snorkel clad vehicle deep in the swamp of the Four wheeler magazine Top Truck Challenge.... Tank Trap!!!

It also came in handy during the 97' Top Truck Challenge hosted by Four Wheeler magazine. We found ourselves in a swamp over 4' deep. The snorkel saved the day and our engine. Not to mention.... the judging staff thought the snorkel just plain looked awesome!

Other benefits of the snorkel are performance related. The snorkel installation on the XJ America page noted improved power and gas mileage after installation.... when they were expecting opposite results. This due to the ram-air effect the snorkel has on feeding your intake (kinda like how a supercharger works, only not as forceful). Your engine also breathes cooler air from outside of the vehicle which produces more efficient power.

Rocky Road will always be committed to bringing you the best products and service. Find out why we are a leader in ARB sales throughout the world.

PLEASE NOTE: These kits may be pre-ordered, but will not reach Us shores until March. Expect demand to be high on these kits with a few weeks delays once we most past the arrival date in March.



If you find a lower price on Safari Snorkels, we won't just meet it...we'll beat it!

Jeep Liberty Snorkel kits





Safari Snorkel Pre-filters.

These excellent kits are available only thru Rocky Road Outfitters as one of the premier Safari Snorkel distributors on the planet.

Our Pre-Filters are designed to keep out larger particles of debris such as dirt and sand from getting into and clogging the pleats of air filter elements. Premature clogging of an air filter will result in loss of horsepower and an increase in service intervals. The pre-filters are uniquely designed to protect your engine and the performance air filter investment without sacrificing airflow or horsepower. Particles as small as .005" are filtered out extending filter life. Even in harsh conditions including heavy moisture, a Pre-filter will enhance your filter's ability to continue flowing the necessary air required for maximum performance while reducing the possibility of water ingestion into the engine. Proper use of our Pre-filter will save money on filter cleanings or replacements and extend engine life.

The Pre-filters contain uniform micron openings and are run dry, meaning no additional oils or additives are required. Running a dry Pre-filter means there is no dirt sticking to the oil creating premature loss of airflow and horsepower. Only those particles of dirt smaller then .005" get into the actual pre-filter, the larger particles simply fall off the pre-filter. In addition, Rocky Road Pre-filters are constructed with a woven mesh that is specially treated at the mill using a proprietary process to repel water. This hydrophobic water repellent process is not sprayed on; consequently, there is no airflow loss. Whether you use your vehicle for everyday driving, for hard core off -road racing, are weekend adventure, our Pre-filters will work for you to protect and extend the life of your performance air filter and engine.

Pre-Filters are washable and reusable.

RRO Snorkel Pre-filter - $29