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Jeep Liberty Skid Plates


Jeep Liberty Skid Plates

Jeep Liberty Skid Plates

The Jeep Liberty comes with "complete" skid plating....
according to the Jeep dealer's brochure. However, Jeep didn't bother to cover the area between the front skid plate, and the transfer case skid plate, and so on....

We've now got that covered so you can have peace of mind. 

This skid plate is made from 3/16" thick steel and bolts up using existing threaded holes. It takes about 10-15 minutes to install and provides you with the complete coverage you should have had from the factory.

Also available are fuel tank skidplates (pictured below). Same great slim fit design. Same super beefy design. Easy to mount up as you can see from the picture below.

All our skidplates are novice friendly to install... anyone can do them.

Pictures show the prototype uncoated skid plate. Production skids come powder coated in semi-gloss black.   The skid plate comes with a large hole to make changing your oil a breeze as well!

Jeep Liberty Skid PlatesJeep in their infinite wisdom has changed the underside every year on the Liberty, but we now have 'one-size-fits-all years' skidplates. Our skidplates will mount to Libertys from 2002-2007 (the KJ model Jeep), INCLUDING the CRD diesel model Jeeps as well!

Jeep Liberty Skid Plates and Rock sliders

Don't forget your Rockrails too. The area under your doors is THE area most prone to damage on the entire Jeep. We get lots of calls from people who have already smashed up their running boards... don't be one of them. Protect yourself with this crucial piece of armor-plating by clicking



KJ Jeep Liberty Skid Plates






Pics of our front skidplate. This protects the open area right up front in the middle.

Click on the pictures for a large view of what is actually covered.