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Jeep Liberty Lifted Shocks


Jeep Liberty Shocks

Jeep Liberty Shock, Long Travel

We tested other brands of shocks for many years and were often very unhappy with the ride quality. We tried all the big 'name' shocks, Edelbrocks, Bilsteins, ProComp, Skyjacker, etc. All the same, all too stiff for the Jeep. So, we engineered a shock that stands head and shoulders above the rest for ride quality.... the Rocky Road Engineered shock.

These shocks are absolutely perfect for folks who want a great on and off-road shock, but don't want to spend over $200 buying them (and doesn't want to deal with their hassles). These shocks are valved for a very smooth highway ride.

Are you looking at shocks from companies that produce lift kits for full-size pickup trucks? If so, those shocks that are desgined to work on 10cylinder diesel pickup truck lift are the exact same shocks that the lift company is supplying for your Jeep. Does that sound right to you? How do you think a shock that is engineered to accomodate a 6-7,000 truck are going to ride on your vehicle weighin 1/3 that amount? Common sense will give you the answer to that question.

Jeep Liberty lifted shocks, long travel

We engineered these shocks specifically for their ability to provide great on and off road performance for Jeep.... not full size pickup trucks.... Jeeps. We size them perfectly to run with all our lifts and carry them in most every length for any application.

OR, the ever-popular Rancho 9000XL Adjustable shocks are available as an upgrade option, which allow you to adjust and dial in your shocks for your favorite setting, or change it up depending on the driving and terrain you hit for the day.


STRUTS: We also carry Old Man Emu front strut shocks for those who want or need to replace their front shocks as well. Old Man Emu is known as the very finest suspension equipment on the planet and this strut shock is 2nd to none in the industry. Additionally available are the GR2 Heavy Duty front struts kits. These kits provide an excellent lower cost alternative to the OME struts and are often compared quite closely to the OME struts for a number of different vehicles. We've used GR2 struts for years and they have always been loved by our customer base.


Jeep Liberty shocks and struts

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Custom Hand-Built Shock Option...

Nitro Monotube, hand built

The standard shocks included in this kit are manufactured by Doetsch Suspension Systems. These shocks are an excellent value and have the following features:
  • Twin tube design
  • Generic Valving that is excellent for the Jeep
  • 1 3/8" piston
  • Closed cell foam
  • Baked enamel finish

You can also upgrade to nitrogen charged shocks. The nitrogen gas and larger bore increase control and will react instantly to changing conditions. These shocks have the following features:

  • Hand Built
  • Valved specifically for the WK/XK
  • Mono tube design
  • Large bore
  • Powder coat finish

PLEASE NOTE: We will need to contact you and speak to you about the specifics of your Jeep, lift, shock mounting. These shocks are hand-built and tuned specifically for your Jeep, so we will need additional into after checkout with online orders.


monotube shock for Jeep
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