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liberty rack installation

Jeep Liberty Roof Rails, Heavy Duty


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Jeep Liberty Roof Rails
Broken stock rail.
Jeep Liberty Roof Rails
Notice the hole the stock kit tore in our roof, at left :^(
Jeep Liberty Roof Rails
New roof rails on KJ
with Wilderness rack
Jeep Liberty Roof Rails
New roof rails on KK
with RRO Adventure rack

KK Roof Rails installed
Jeep Liberty Roof Rails
Steel roof rail kit.
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Heavy Duty Roof Rails for Jeep Liberty (STEEL!)


The Rocky Road rail system is designed for the Jeep Libertys and we do have kits for the 2002-07 KJ, as well as the newer 2008+ KK Jeep Liberty. As you may be aware with your Jeep, the flimsy factory rack system makes it very tough to carry additional equipment. Some Libertys also come from the factory with no rail system on top at all. Well... Rocky Road to the rescue!

The main problem for most Jeepers is the flimsy plastic rails Jeep stuck on our Libertys from the factory. These do fine if you just want to carry a suitcase, maybe a small cooler, much more though and you can suffer the failure we had pictured to the left...

The upper photo shows what the rack looks like when the plastic innards have failed. This happened to us after a fairly mild offroad trip we did thru Canyonlands National park (near Moab, Utah) with some water and sleeping gear on the factory rack.

What you can't see is that when the rack failed, it actually tore the mounting bolts out of the roof on that rear mount. This is somewhat evidenced by the cockeyed angle of the rear mount in the upper photo. So not only did we have to deal with a broken down rack system on the trail and getting home, we had to do some welding repair to the roof as a result. Not a huge ordeal if your homebase is the Rocky Road Liberty HQ, but for the average Jeeper it would have resulted in alot of extra cost in body repairs.

The lower photo shows the broken stubby end of the factory rail once the end-mount is removed. Yes, it is plastic. Yes, Jeep should have done better from the factory. But that is where Rocky Road steps in...

Our new beefy steel rail kit bolts directly to the factory mounting points in your roof. It is VERY easy to install. No special tools needed, just wrenches. Everyone can do it themselves. You simply remove the stock plastic roof rails and mounts, and our kit will bolt right into place. Our kits also come with instructions with photos for those who have no factory roof rails and want to use the hidden factory mounting points for the installation of a rack system.

Our new steel rails provide a VERY strong mounting system for the top of your Jeep. Whether you are using our Adventure rack, the Wilderness Safari rack, or any other roof rack mounted systems, our steel rails are an excellent upgrade for your Jeep. Also very wise to install BEFORE you have the problems we did. This way you can avoid tearing open your roof and having to re-weld.  Jeep Liberty Roof Rails


Jim Pulliam sent us this picture of his Liberty outfitted for his 3500 mile
Canadian adventure, equipped with the Rocky Road Roof Rails.
As he put it, the stock ones would NEVER have held up for him on this trip.
And he can't wait to keep loading up his Jeep with more Rocky Road Liberty goodies.

We wondered what the long black tubes were for until he sent us the 2nd shot (inset).
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We absolutely encourage you to check out our incredible selection of racks (links are below) which compliment our roof rails perfectly. Rocky Road helps you get the most out of your Liberty for any adventure!

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Jeep Liberty Heavy Duty Roof Rails


Thanks for your interest in our Liberty components. The world has discovered that Rocky Road parts are the absolute best on the planet.
As a result of the somewhat overwhelming demand at this time for our kits, there may be a few weeks turnaround time.
Please bear with us and understand sometimes the best things in life take just a little longer

Liberty roof top tentJeep Liberty, Roof Top Tent

Rocky Road rail and crossbar kits are perfect for use with nearly all Roof Top Tent kits!! We are happy to carry the best RTT tent kit on the market at this time, by ARB, which will perfectly mount to your Liberty if using the Rocky Road Rails and Crossbar kits.

Rocky Road is very pleased to offer these tent kits.

Liberty_Overlander shares his easy installation of the steel roof rails. Good to get this done BEFORE
any breakage happens from those light duty factory pieces, which are prone to break under moderate use.
All you need are some simple tools, and also nice to have a buddy help out

Click the video link to watch.