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liberty lift installation

Jeep Liberty Lift Kit (KK, for 2008 and newer)
3" Suspension lift system

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Jeep Liberty Lift KitJeep Liberty KK Lift kit, 2008+

Rocky Road Rockfather kits are the very best in the world for the Liberty and we now bring that quality and engineering to the new KK Liberty. Truly, there is no finer suspension for the Jeep Liberty available on the market today.

Four Wheeler magazine caught wind of our new parts for the KK and popped it up on their website.
Click the picture at left to go check it out Four Wheeler magazine's website

As with all Liberty suspension lifts, the Rockfather kit does not go over 3" in height to keep the front axle CV joints from binding. What you are getting is a full suspension that drives and handles like a dream.

The main highlight of our Rockfather systems is a combined front system of Old Man Emu springs, the Under-the-Top® external strut spacer incorporated with a strut drop mount (patent pending). By combining the two, we have taken one step beyond any other company in being able to eliminate any ball joint binding, bottoming out, or strut stress that can occur. It is a combination of the best of all worlds for the ultimate IFS strut system with no reduction in underside clearance. There is no other suspension system on the planet that will ride this smooth or flex as well.

Old Man Emu components really are the best quality parts, though not as widely distributed. Rocky Road is proud to use only Old Man Emu parts in the design and release of this combination suspension system. We invite you to take some additional time investigating the engineering behind the Old Man Emu components.
Jeep Liberty Lift KitYou can view more information on the spring by clicking
And more information on the strut/shocks

Also available are the GR2 Heavy Duty front struts kits. These kits provide an excellent lower cost alternative to the OME struts and are often compared quite closely to the OME struts for a number of different vehicles. We've used GR2 struts for years and they have always been lovewd by our customer base.


Liberty outfitted with the Rockfather Deluxe suspension, Rocky Road Supersliders,
and Rocky Road rack system. Yes... this could quite be the coolest KK Liberty on the road now.

Click picture for larger view.

Rockfather II kits are offered with an optional complete assembled front strut system for those who wish an easy do-it-yourself installation. Or, you can just pick up the standard Rockfather I and II kits and have your installer do the strut work. Yes... you read that correctly, the Rockfather II system is now available with fully assembled struts!!!

Jeep Liberty lift kit for CRD Diesel

For Liberty CRD owners (yes, the diesel engines do exist for the new KK), our Rockfather kits are one of the only systems on the planet to provide the Heavy Duty front springs you need to support your heavy diesel engine with the external strut spacer and drop system. No other spring manufacturer in the market offers this variety of spring rates to accommodate your heavy duty needs.... Rocky Road does.

Being THE AUTHORITY on Liberty suspensions, our kits are in demand all over the planet. We have shipped them everywhere from Russia to New Zealand, Peru to Fiji, and everywhere in between. Simply stated, there is no finer suspension system in the world for your Jeep than the Rocky Road Rockfather suspensions.

Below you will find lists of the content of all of our Rockfather suspension systems. Don't just take our word for it...
When MOPAR went looking for THE BEST suspension and control arms on the planet for their 'project' Jeeps (these are the Jeeps that show up at popular 4x4 events, Auto industry & trade around the world), MOPAR picked Rocky Road! Yes... Jeep doesn't just follow a popular thread on a chat forum, or a couple of "testomonials" from close friends of a 4x4 shop posing as regular guys. MOPAR does not take the word of non-experts. MOPAR investigates the complete engineering before making any decision... Rocky Road Control Suspensions were deemed the BEST ENGINEERED by the experts, and so is the choice for various MOPAR project Jeeps.

This ends all online debate. You can't argue Jeep engineering with Jeep engineers, and they chose RRO Suspensions as the best engineered. When you buy Rocky Road you are buying the best. FACT.



Jeep Liberty Lift KitKK Liberty suspension lifts come with....

Click picture for larger view.

KK Rockfather:
New Old Man Emu front springs.
® strut cap and spacers for 3" leveling lift in front.
Heavy Duty rear coil spacer system.
Rocky Road engineered shocks.

The Rockfather suspension gets you the superior front end system, yet also helps keep prices a bit more 'in check' on the rear by using poly coil spacers in back. You stay with the stock front struts to help reduce the overall cost as well. Our revolutionary Under-the-Top® means no additional stress or other complication keeping the stock strut shock.
This is an excellent system for those on a tight budget that want the famous Rockfather ride quality and handling.


Jeep Liberty Lift KitVladimir Nelidov from Canada is decked out with RRO Rockfather,
Adventure rack, and Supersliders.
Click the pic for larger view.

New Old Man Emu front custom springs.
® strut cap and spacers for 3" leveling lift in front.
Old Man Emu or Heavy Duty GR2 front strut shocks.
Heavy Duty rear coil spacer system.
Rocky Road engineered rear shocks
Optional pre-assembly of the front struts.
FRONT UPPER CONTROL ARMS included. More information on these

In a nutshell, this is the ultimate top of the line suspension for any Liberty. It contains everything in the Rockfather system but also our new upper control arms as well. If you are searching for the very best of the best for your Jeep, look no further. The best and most complete system on planet Earth.

The Jeep pictured at right has the Rockfather Deluxe suspension system installed.




Best Engineered Liberty lift, KK 2008+

Jeep Liberty Lift Kit
Under-the-Top® Strut cap system. Replaces your factory strut with our revolutionary new strut cap.
Jeep Liberty Lift Kit
Under-the-Top® mounted properly on top of the Liberty strut system.
Jeep Liberty Lift Kit
Assembled Rockfather Deluxe strut system.

Now for a word on comparison of suspension kits for the Liberty.
There are 2 basic ways of lifting the Liberty.
There are lifts that gain height from the use of springs, and those that lift from spacers used inside and outside of the strut assembly.
Within those groups, there are then a couple sub-categories. We don't want to bash on the competition, but it is fair to share our years of engineering and testing with those shopping for lifts....

The first type of lift to touch on is any Liberty suspension lift that includes any type of internal strut spacer creates lift by crushing the front springs so that there is no uptravel (compression) left. For example... In the picture above showing our fully assembled strut, you can see our spacer on the outside on top. Now just imagine that same spacer on the inside of the strut assembly with the spring. The strut can't change length, it is always the same. So the spring is going to be squished more inside of that strut assembly.

For further illustration, imagine your Jeep on a lift with the tires off the ground. They will hang down. Now normally when you set the Jeep back on the ground the suspension compresses. This is how the suspension should act. With an internal strut spacer, the suspension is already compressed. The lower the Jeep onto the tire and they won't go up, they will stay in place rigid. This is because the springs are already crushed nearly to their maximum compression.
While the folks at Jeep/MOPAR are shy about "official" endorsements, others in the industry are not..
Hey there guys I wanted to drop you a quick email.
We bought your Rockfather Deluxe with GR2 struts for our Jeep Liberty that we are using as a marketing tool for our company.
We use it to chase & support our team at the Vegas - Reno desert race.
Also, overlanding trips through northern Utah & Idaho, and Pismo in the dunes.
The suspension works flawless, over rocks, through rough roads, bouncing over whoops & even getting a little air over razor back dunes.

Thanks for making a great product!
Mike DeFord, Marketing Director
Go Rhino! Products & Big Country Truck Accessories

What does this mean for you? It means very stiff handling, a bouncy stiff ride quality, an unstable feeling at highway speeds. There are lifts that will take quality springs like the Old Man Emu and combine them with these internal strut spacers, but the end result is still the same. The springs are still crushed by the internal spacers, the ride quality is diminished from its ideal comfort level, handling suffers since the springs cannot cycle as engineered, and the warranty of those is 100% null & void since they are NOT being used in the way they were engineered.  

The second style of lift uses external strut spacers. These kits exist for the sole reason of saving money. If someone wants a lift on their Jeep in the least expensive fashion, these kits do the job and we do manufacture an excellent Budget Lift system. These kits do not diminish the ride comfort such as with internal spacer strut lifts, but they don't improve the vehicle stability, comfort, and handling like the Rockfather suspensions.

Third, you have suspensions that use lifted springs. These include some of the more well-known manufacturers out there. Often, the local 4x4 shop knows little to nothing about the Liberty, but they sell these lifts readily. What we can say about these suspensions is that we receive orders regularly from many customers who already own these other big name lift kits and just can't take the harsh ride quality anymore. Only one company has engineered the proper formula for excellent riding lifted springs, and that is Old Man Emu. Anything else, you might just end up coming back to us anyway and spending several hundred more $$$ to correct the rough riding issues.

Finally, you have a system like the Rockfather which uses the best quality Old Man Emu springs, and an EXTERNAL strut spacer.
Bottom line, this is the best suspension comfiguration available. The best of all worlds with no drawbacks at all.




Jeep Liberty Lift KitRocky Road is proud to use exclusively Old Man Emu springs and struts in our Liberty Rockfather suspensions.

We are the only company on the planet offering a 2.5-3" lift with Old Man Emu springs used in the way in which they were engineered by Old Man Emu which is properly mounted inside of the strut, with a spacer outside of the strut that does not affect the proper operation and engineering of the Old Man Emu spring or strut shock.

Dan Vannette (of
sends us this groovy picture of his Rockfather lifted KK Liberty.

Click the picture for a larger view!


DODGE NITRO OWNERS Lift kit! These kits will work for your vehicle too (2007-2012).

If you have any questions at all about any suspension on the market, or any Rocky Road suspensions, please do email us direct. Emails go straight to Rocky Road owner Glenn Wakefield whose is very well-known as an expert on this vehicle, Liberty.
Please feel free to email and ask any questions you like.



2008+ Jeep Liberty Lift Kits

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KK Rockfather
KK Rockfather Deluxe
Available with & without assembled OME struts
KK Rockfather Deluxe
Available with GR2 struts
Rear Shock upgrades
Factory Replacement Bushings and Isolators


Thanks for your interest in our suspension systems. The world has discovered that Rocky Road suspensions are the absolute best on the planet. As a result of the somewhat overwhelming demand at this time for our suspensions, there may be a few weeks turnaround time on the Rockfather kits and components. Please bear with us and understand sometimes the best things in life take just a little longer