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liberty lift installation

Jeep Liberty lift kit, 3"

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Jeep Liberty Lift kit, Budget lift 3"

MADE IN THE USA!!! The Only spacer style lifts on the market which are NOT made in Asia! Those other kits use thin material and shoddy engineering... any way for them to save a buck.
Rocky Road kits are Made in the USA! Carry a Lifetime guarantee!
And are the only kits which Jeep ever certified for use on their own lifted fleet.
Quality matters! Engineering matters! US manufactured matters! We are proud NOT to export US manufacturing jobs, and you can be too with a Rocky Road lift kit.

The bottom line when it comes to Jeeps, is that most folks do want to spice up their Jeep a bit, but super expensive suspensions that change the way a vehicle drives and handles are NOT what most people are looking for. We want a sensible suspension that gets us onto some bigger tires for a MUCH better look and some extra clearance for the occasional weekend trail ride.

If this describes you, then Rocky Road has the answer. Our Jeep Liberty budget lifts are easy to install, retain the stock suspension, and don't screw up your vehicle. After installation of a Rocky Road lift, you will still have the same safe and sane handling on your daily driver.

Liberty lift kit, Budget lift system

This system is one of our most popular lift mainly because of its affordability. Its also a very popular choice for dealerships that have been modifying vehicles for customers who want all the work performed by a dealer which speaks volumes to its quality and engineering.

We have Budget lifts for the older style KJ Liberty which ran from 2002-2007, as well as the newer KK Liberty which began production in 2008 to present. The systems are different, so make sure and correctly identify your vehicle during purchase.

As with all Liberty suspension lifts, our lift kits do not go over 3" in height to keep the front axle CV joints from binding. What you are getting is a full suspension that drives and handles just as well as stock... not something worse than stock as is the case with internal strut spacer lift kits.  

Jeep Liberty Lift kit for KJ / KK

Rocky Road Liberty Budget lift on Safari in Copper Canyon, Mexico.
Click the pics for larger views!

Notice the mega-fuel stash on our Rocky Road Roof rails. Try and haul that with the stock roof rails & no breakage. HA!
The Rocky Road Budget lift kit uses a heavy duty rear spacer system so the spring rate and ride quality is not changed or diminished in any way in back.

The main highlight of our re-engineered Budget lift system is the EXTERNAL front strut spacer. This component provides a full 3" of lift up front to help level the Jeep. The exclusive Rocky Road external strut spacers do not go inside the struts, all lift is obtained outside the strut assembly. We've heard of other shops using thin steel when they copied our original design, but if you punish your Liberty the way we do, you'll be happy for the overkill engineering behind our strut lift system.

Also, other Budget lifts REQUIRE a strut compressor for installation. They says its easy to rent and use... false!
They are not easy to find and a huge pain in the rear to try and operate. The springs are in such high tension, you can also get hurt using those compressor tools. The Rocky Road Budget lifts DO NOT require any special tools. You may be drawn in by a promise of a lower kit price, but for the installation ease alone and the hours of install time saved, the Rocky Road kit is worth its weight in gold compared to other Budget Lifts on the market. Our kits do have superior engineering in a number of ways... this would be just one example.

What do the experts think of Rocky Road lifts??? Mopar Underground... the Mopar team that builds those awesome concept vehicle you see at SEMA, in the magazines, and at auto shows and events around the country have chosen Rocky Road lift kits 3 times for their project Jeeps.
JEEP/Mopar can choose any lift system, they have come to Rocky Road since there is no better suspension. That's just a fact.

More info on one main features of the RRO system over others, our EXTERNAL strut spacer.

Any kit that uses an internal poly strut spacer creates lift by crushing the front springs so that there is no uptravel (compression) left. The strut can't change length on the Liberty, it is always the same. So the spring is going to be squished more inside of that strut assembly when a spacer goes inside.

For further illustration, imagine your Jeep on a lift with the tires off the ground. They will hang down. Now normally when you set the Jeep back on the ground the suspension compresses. This is how the suspension should act. With an internal strut spacer, the suspension is already compressed. Lower the Jeep onto the tires and they won't go up, they will stay locked in place, rigid. This is because the springs are already crushed nearly to their maximum compression. What does this mean for you? It means very stiff handling, a bouncy stiff ride quality, an unstable feeling at highway speeds.

Rocky Road avoids this whole mess by using an external strut spacer system for front lift.


We guarantee our strut spacers for life. They cannot and will not ever fail! The strut spacer kit helps level out your Jeep and does not change the ride quality or handling of the vehicle since the spacers are OUTSIDE of the strut assembly. The struts are as exactly the same as factory spec since the front coils are not compressed inside the strut assembly. You maintain full compression and extension of the front strut system, the same reliable factory ride, but with some lift to clear nice-looking larger tires. Forget those silly mini-van tires they stick on our Jeeps from the dealership, this is the way a Jeep ought to look! The budget lift system comes with all hardware and mounting studs included. The system does not require disassembly of the strut.

A good optional component to consider with this lift is the Control Arm Bumpstop kit. For Jeeps that do go offroad, these help protect the front strut shocks and give them better durability. Find more information on this


DODGE NITRO OWNERS, our lift kits will work for your 2007-2012 vehicle as well.


New longer rear shocks are HIGHLY recommended with this lift system. The stock shocks have a hard time keeping up with the extended length needed for the lift and full suspension movement. Our Budget lift kits are sold with and without shocks.

Made in the USA!!! The only spacer lift system of its type to be made in the USA... NOT China with cheap construction and poor engineering! 


Liberty 3" lift suspensions

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     Upper Control Arm Bumpstop kit
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Optional Front Struts

Please note that some Jeeps require a bit of clearancing on the upper control arm to avoid contact with the spring. Our new Front Upper Control arms take care of this if it is an issue on your Jeep.

The world has discovered that Rocky Road parts are the absolute best on the planet. As a result of the somewhat overwhelming demand at this time for our kits, there can sometimes be a few weeks turnaround time. Please bear with us and understand sometimes the best things in life take just a little longer