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Jeep Liberty Leveling Kit

Jeep Liberty Leveling Kit

Our simple Jeep Liberty leveling kit sits on top of your existing strut assembly to add a bit more boost to your front end. The spacer pieces is 3/8" which translates to roughly 9/16" of final lift boost at the tire.

Its a nice way to add some extra lift to your front end if the nose-down position is bothering you. Or perhaps if you have added a heavy front bumper system. Or even if your springs are tiring out a bit.

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The kit is sold in pairs. They do slip on top of your existing strut assembly so no dis-assembly ot the strut is required. Makes them very doable for the shadetree mechanic. There is just enough threads on the top of your strut bolts to allow this piece to be used. Anything taller requires removal of the studs which means strut dis-assembly... a bit of a headache.

These are also great trim pieces which can be used with our Budget and Rockfather kits for more boost up front. If you are combining the leveling kit with any lift kit, we recommend using our control arms or the extra boost will put the stock control arm in contact with the spring.

The leveling kit works on any year Liberty.

Jeep Liberty Leveling kit - $29