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Jeep Liberty Rear Lift Coil Springs (2002-07)

Rear Coil SPRINGS for your Liberty...

Since releasing our Rockfather suspension system, we are receive calls regularly from Liberty owners who purchased other lift kits and have come to realize their mistake in going with 'cheap' suspension components. Searching for the best Liberty lift kits online ultimately leads to Rocky Road.

If you have been searching for an upgrade to your current springs to a full height 2.5-3" rear lift spring. OR want to upgrade your rear coil spacers to a full height high quality spring, search no further. Rocky Road's rear springs are the best in the industry for full height springs and use all the same engineering of the shorter Old Man Emu springs which are so famous.

All Rocky Road coil springs are fully scragged and load-tested to ensure that the finished product meets the required specifications. Scragging is the process of subjecting the spring to a load greater than that which will be experienced in service. This ensures that the spring steel has yielded and adopted permanent curvature. After scragging, our are subjected to a preset load and checked to ensure that the amount of deflection is within the required limits of plus or minus 3mm.

In a nutshell, these are the finest 2.5-3" Rear lift springs on the market for your Liberty and the same springs used in our famous Rockfather suspension systems. These springs have a higher load capacity for better hauling and towing, yet a very plush and comfortable ride. 

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Jeep Liberty Rear 3" Lift Springs (pair) - $256