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Jeep Liberty Bump Stop Extensions

Jeep Liberty Bump StopWhy use Jeep Liberty Bump Stop Extensions?

 This kit is a great way for those with lifts on their Libertys to help keep the struts from bottoming out themselves.

Pretty much the only concern you see from Jeep Liberty owners with a Budget style lift (anything that doesn't change out the springs and/or struts, is that during hard play or even surprise hard dips in the road, the suspension can bottom out on the front. This can sometimes shorten the lifespan of the front strut shocks.

Pictured at left, the bumpstop kit mounted to a stock control arm (not included).
Click the picture for a larger view.

Using our simple bolton bump stop kit you can add a substantial layer of protection to your suspension system and keep everything in tip-top shape for the long-haul.

Our kits are designed to mount to the top of the stock control arms. A couple small holes are drilled for the mounting. The bracket locks into place like a key using factory recesses for a super simple installation with the included high grade hardware. All powdercoated black for an excellent finished look. You really can't do an easier modification to your suspension that will have more impact for longevity and durability. Kits are priced and sold as a pair.

Jeep Liberty Bump StopPlease note that if youare are using our INSANE control arms (upgraded replacements for the stock arms), this kit will not work. We have a separate bump stop option for that particular control arm.

Close-up view of the bumpstop bracket bolted in place.
Click pic for larger view.

If you have any questions on our system, please feel free to email at the link below.

Available only for the KJ Liberty at this time (2002-2007). 




Jeep Liberty Bump Stop Extension kit - $49