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cherokee lift installation

Jeep Grand Cherokee Track Bar (Adjustable)



Jeep Grand Cherokee track barShot of rear ZJ drop bracket.

Multiple mount positions for lifts from 3-5" of lift.

Very strong 3-point mount system. No drilling.

Click on pic for larger view.



Jeep Grand Cherokee track bar
Picture of front ZJ (thru 1998) track bar.
Pic doesn't show, but bars are powdercoated black.

Jeep Grand Cherokee track bar
Shot of front WJ Track bar. Notice our offset bushing mount which provides max clearance. Click on pic for larger view. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee track barPicture of the rear WJ Ylink spacer kit.

Easy bolton for correct pinion alignment on 3-4.5" lifts.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee track bar

Picture of the rear WK (2005+) trackbar. Click on picture for larger view.

Jeep Grand Cherokee track bar

Right Hand Drive kit for ZJ Grand Cherokee

The factory Track bars locate the body in relation to the axle.

Track bars mount at the framerails and run down to the axles.

Why are new track bars necessary?
When lifted, the distance between the axle and the vehicle is increased which cases the track bars that locate the axles to start pulling the axle sideways. This is definitely noticeable with lifts over 2.5" on any coil spring Jeep.

Rocky Road track bars do work on RHD Jeeps (for Jeepers in many parts of the world). Minimum recommended lift height for the track bars on RHD Jeeps is 3".


ZJ Track Bar (all models thru 1998)

For the ZJ Grand Cherokee, our Adjustable track bar kit for the ZJ Grand Cherokee front eliminates these problems by mounting in the original location and having an adjustable tie rod end to accommodate anything from 3 to 7" of lift. The adjustable tie rod end of the front can also be replaced eventually if needed.

We have kits for both Left hand and even Right hand drive Jeeps.

For the ZJ rear axle, our drop bracket works awesome. Bolts into place easily and has different mount positions for lifts from 3-5". Very simple to install and very inexpensive.

Also available for the ZJ Grand Cherokee are our front & rear control arms. We designed these with the necessary offset to avoid rubbing on the tires when they are turned. Helps tire fitting for larger 32-33" tires and helps with factory spec alignment on hard-to-please Jeeps. Fixed length, adjustable length, and with Johnny Joints. For info on these, please click


WJ Track Bar (1999-2004)

For the WJ Grand Cherokee, we have a new adjustable front track bar. Allows you to perfectly align your axle with lifts from 2-6" tall. Our offset bushing setup provides ample clearance for high articulation Jeeps and allows room for lifts to about 6" tall. We have front track bar kit for both Left Hand drive and Right Hand drive Jeeps.

The rear of the WJ uses a different 3-link style system. For proper axle alignment and pinion angles in the rear, we use a spacer block which bolts in-between the factory upper Y-link, and the axle itself. Very simple to install and good for lifts in the 3-5" range.

Also available for the WJ Grand Cherokee are our lower front control arms. We designed these with the necessary offset to avoid rubbing on the tires when they are turned. Without these arms (included in our WJ Trailblazer suspension), you will not be able to achieve proper front end alignment on lifts over 3". Control arms are good for lifts from 3-5", fixed length and adjustable with Johnny Joints. For info on these, please click


WK Track Bar (2005-10)

Our Rear track bar for the WK Grand Cherokee (2005-10) gives you fine tune adjustability for your rear axle on lift at or over 2".  


Some special features of the Rocky Road track bar which help set it apart from others on the market....

Our (ZJ) kits use a tie rod end which is easily found at any auto parts store. In the event this piece needs to be changed out, you can do it quickly and easily from any parts store. Other companies use special tie rod ends that can only be purcased direct from that company, meaning they are more expensive, and not quick to come by.
All Rocky Road track bar kits come with a lifetime guarantee against denting and bending. We use .25 DOM tubing to build our track bar. Other companies use lighter grade steel. And really no one offers a lifetime guarantee because their kits simply are not built strong enough to offer such a program.


Lowest prices, Heavy duty track bar, Lifetime guarantee!!

If you're looking at lower priced kits and debating on the Rocky Road system... consider the features above. Those features do make a difference! If you're looking at higher prices kit and thinking they are of better quality simply because of the price... that is incorrect. We are able to keep our prices lower because we are the actual manufacturer of this kit. Most 4x4 companies outsource the manufacture of their parts. Rocky Road is an OEM manufacturer, everything is built in-house, which saves you money! Don't pay more unecessarily... because you're not getting more.

All Rocky Road Track Bar and relocation kits are powdercoated black. Track bar kits come with poly bushings, dust covers, and/or greaseable tie rod ends (front), and hardware. Relocation kits come with necessary hardware. 

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ZJ Grand Cherokee, 1993-1998
WJ Grand Cherokee, 1999-2004
WK Grand Cherokee, 2005-2010