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ZJ Jeep Grand Cherokee Steering Stabilizer/Shock



Jeep Grand Cherokee steering stabilizer

Designed to reduce the effect of wheel vibration and improve the feel, handling and control of the vehicle, OME's steering stabilizers will also reduce the aggressive rotation of the steering wheel over rough roads without affecting steering wheel return.

Installation is a snap as this kit fits right onto the stock mounting position.

No funky adaptor kits, cheesy Ubolt systems, or other jury-rigged components necessary as with other steering shocks on the market.


 File photo. May or may not match your vehicle's kit.


Features include...
9 Stage Coil Spring Valving: for optimum performance
0.6" Piston Rod: stronger than the original
1.4" Piston & Bore: increased oil volume
Twin Tube Design: protects the internal components against stone damage
Multi Lip Seal: prevents oil loss
Original Mounts: for ease of installation



 ZJ Jeep Grand Cherokee Steering Stabilizer - $92