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Jeep Grand Cherokee Coil Spacers
(Adjustable and Polyurethane)


Jeep Grand Cherokee coil spacers

Grand Cherokee Adjustable Coil Spacer kit,
ZJ only

ACOS - Easily Adjust Ride Height Without Replacing Springs

Adjusting ride height on coil sprung Jeeps is fast, convenient and easy with Adjustable Coil Over Spacers from Rocky Road. Whether adding clearance for larger tires, compensating for heavy accessories, or trimming an unlevel vehicle, these extraordinary spacers provide convenient control of ride height without removing any suspension components!

Adjustable Coil Over Spacers feature billet aluminum construction, providing an appearance as impressive as their function. The threaded design accommodates changes to your vehicle with a level of precision impossible with ordinary poly spacers. Heavy duty adjustment rings are easy to operate with the suspension unloaded, using only an allen wrench to lock and unlock.

Jeep Grand Cherokee coil spacersMounted to the OE spring retainers, the Adjustable Coil Over Spacer functions as the upper spring seat using a new Dura-Thane™ isolator pad to dampen road noise. Installation automatically increases ride height up to 1.5" for front applications,with a maximum increase of up to 3.75".

New polyurethane bump stops are supplied, as well as anti-corrosion mounting hardware.


Grand Cherokee Adjustable Coil Spacers (ACOS)

By design, coil springs are more sensitive to load changes because they lack the inherent friction produced by leaf springs. As a result, simple modifications like installing a bumper, winch or second battery can easily affect vehicle ride height enough to create tire clearance problems.Poly spacers are often used to improvise, although not recommended due to a lack of proper sizes and abundance of inferior designs. And purchasing new coil springs to compensate for each modification simply isn't practical, yet most Jeep owners have had no other choice...that is, until now!

Adjustable Coil Spacer Features:

Conveniently adjust ride height without removing any suspension components
Compensates for uneven load distribution, spring settling, and sagging
Eliminates need to replace coil springs to accommodate future modifications
Provides adjustment range of 1-1/2" to 3-3/4"
Instantly increases vehicle ride height upon installation for immediate benefits
Technically advanced design and billet construction dramatically enhances suspension appearance
New Dura-Thane™ isolators utilized to prevent noise transfer, and bump stops for durability 


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Jeep Grand Cherokee ACOS kit






ZJ Jeep Grand Cherokee Coil Spacers (Polyurethane)

Jeep Grand Cherokee coil spacers

For those who want to trim up their lift height front OR rear a little more economically...
Do it right with our poly spacers.

These are FULL HEIGHT COIL SPACERS! All other kits on the market which bills themselves at 2" spacers are really only 1 5/8". They're all made by one company called Daystar. At Rocky Road, we manufacture our own coil spacers and they are a FULL 2" LIFT!
Don't be fooled by those other spacers!

Can be used front and rear for a great inexpensive budget lift for (ZJ) Grand Cherokees! The tight fit and pliable nature of polyurethane makes these the choice of lift for Jeep lovers. These components come with a lifetime warranty. 


Please note: 3" coil spacer setup should only be used on the front end.
Not for use on rear suspension.
The factory bumpstop tongue isn't long enough to guarantee problem-free installation in the rear. 



ZJ Jeep Grand Cherokee Coil Spacers