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grand cherokee bumper installation

Jeep Grand Cherokee Bumpers by ARB

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Jeep Grand Cherokee bumpers

ARB Bull Bar Bumpers for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Fellow Top Truck Challenge alum (Phil competed against us in the 1996 Four Wheeler magazine Top Truck Challenge), Phil Smith also drives this ZJ Grand Cherokee with our ARB Bull BAR painted to match.

The ARB Bull Bar is the one true 'Bull Bar' on the market. Bull Bar is a brand name which other lessor companies have latched onto to try and bolster their offering's value. Don't be fooled by flimsy bolton brush guards, they would lose in a battle with a tumbleweed.

Check out the cool mean look of an ARB Bull Bar on our friend Phil Smith's Grand Cherokee. Housed is a 10000lb winch. Also mounted to the bumper 2 sets of IPF lights to really turn night into day. Phil painted the bumper to match his vehicle and it looks awesome.

Why a Bull Bar bumper for the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

MOUNTING SYSTEMS: The single most important part of a bull bar or protection accessory is the mounting system. ARB's unique mounting systems offer maximum strength in all three directions- direct impact, side impact and pull or shear for winching. Their mounting systems are designed to spread the load over both chassis rails, creating the addition of an integral cross member on the chassis. Does not interfere with the vehicle's Crush rate or sensitive airbag system. The ARB Bull Bar is the only bumper on the planet crash test certified to work with your vehicle's crumple system. No other bumper on the planet offers this level of safety to you and your family. Includes ARB's five-fold upswept and tapered wing design, as well as the continuous uprights thru the bumper section that reinforce the outer frame.

DESIGN: When you purchase an ARB Bull Bar, you can be assured it's been designed to suit your vehicle. All ARB bars are designed using the latest CAD CAM Designing equipment, taking all aspects of the vehicle into consideration. The front of the vehicle is carefully assessed to determine the height of the bar, mounting system, headlight and side lamp requirements, vulnerable equipment and panels, radiator air flow etc., and then a design is created around these specifications.

Jeep Grand Cherokee bumpers
Jeep Grand Cherokee bumpers
Jeep Grand Cherokee bumpers
QUALITY: The other most obvious feature that sets ARB protection accessories apart is the quality. Quality of material, quality of manufacture, quality of finish. ARB's commitment to quality is visible in every accessory we manufacture. FINISH: To ensure your investment is properly protected, they treat all of the manufactured items to a three stage finishing process. To enhance paint adhesion and remove any loose scale all products are steel shot blasted and then washed in hot phosphate to prevent rust. The products are then electrostatically powder coated and cured in a 215 degree oven.

Pictured to the right is the WJ ARB Bull Bar. Click on the pictures for larger views.

By far the best looking bumper on the market for either Grand Cherokee, it is also the only bumper crash tested to work in conjunction with your vehicle's crumple zones and air bag system. Other bumpers may have a beefy look, but ARB is the only company with the ability to crash test their bumpers for the ultimate balance in safety and strength. Comes with winch mounting capability for our Warn winch, and a cover-up plate for those who chose not to run a winch in the bumper.

An extremely important point regarding the ARB Bull Bar over all others on the market... the ARB bumper is crash test certified for use with your Jeep airbag system. No other bumper on the market has this. Are you willing to run the risk of having your airbag blow in your face for no reason, or have your insurance company not cover replacement because your bumper wasn't certified for the airbag system? Its just not worth your safety or the liability. Just one of the many reasons to stick with the best looking and strongest on the market, the ARB Bull Bar.

All ARB Bull bars also incorporate tow points into the mounting assembly, and HiLift jack points in the front pan Mounting for offroad lights and CB antenna are also standard items.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Bumper, save money!

In a nutshell, the ARB Bull Bar is an absolute BATTERING RAM. A great looking one at that!!! Includes all necessary high grade mounting hardware, brackets, indicator lights and installation instructions. 

SAVE MONEY!!! ARB Bull Bars are completely bolton. No metal cutting or welding is required. All you need is a set of wrenches and the ability to follow easy instructions with lots of pictures. Do it yourself, or have Rocky road do your installation for you!

FREE SHIPPING when you have Rocky Road Outfitters do your installation!

We do also carry Heavy Duty winches for ARB Bumpers. Our special arrangement allows us to provide these excellent winches at excellent pricing with FREE SHIPPING if ordered at the same time as the Bull Bar. Again, our special Heavy Duty winch pricing only applies to purchases with a bumper at the same time!

Find out more information on these great Heavy Duty winches by clicking  

Wk Grand CHerokee bumper

Best quality Jeep Grand Cherokee bumpers

Rocky Road will always be commited to bringing you the best products and service. Find out why we are a leader in ARB sales throughout the world and 3rd largest on the planet for Old Man Emu volume. Contact us with your best deal, and we'll try and beat it so you can be confident in dealing with a premier ARB facility! Please call or email us for questions regarding international, Alaska, or Hawaii shipping.

Pictured left is the newest addition to the Grand Cherokee Bull Bar family....
The WK Grand Cherokee bumper. Fits Grand Cherokees from 2005-2007.

For ship estimates, please consult the chart to the right. The ship amount shown on your shopping cart will be inaccurate for Bull Bar orders due to the complexity of Truck Freight orders. Use our handy map guide or feel free to call our store.  




FREE SHIPPING when you have Rocky Road Outfitters do your installation!


Jeep Grand Cherokee Bull Bar Bumpers

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