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Jeep Commander Wheel Spacers

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Jeep Commander Wheel SpacersWant to add some width to your Jeep track but can't find a good solution out in the market? Well look no further because we got what you're looking for. The Wheelspacer Kit is designed to add extra width to the your wheel track for better offroad stability, improved tire clearance, or just to add that extra "mean" look to your Jeep. Great for keeping those mudder's tire lugs off your control arms as well when your steering wheel is at full turn.

The Wheelspacer Kit is bolt on and the kit comes complete with two anodized hi-density aluminum spacers with 5 OEM wheelstuds already pressed into each. In addition, 10 new lugnuts will be supplied. The spacer will bolt to the existing wheelstuds on the vehicle. Then, the wheel will bolt to the new OEM wheelstuds on the spacer. Using this method, the use of extended wheelstuds can be avoided. It is a much safer design and it also allows the kit to be completely bolt on and transferrable from vehicle to vehicle. 

Safe, and Budget priced Commander wheel spacers

Jeep Commander Wheel SpacersThis kit will give you an additional 2.5" of track (1.25" on each wheel). For those who want better offroad stability, additional tire clearance from control arms and other suspension components, or just that wider look this wheelspacer kit is for you!

Great for use with Aluminum wheels where customization of backspacing is not an option.

Highest quality Jeep Commander wheel spacers

Our awesome wheel spacers are also perfect for those running aluminum wheels where backspacing options are limited and customization is not an option.




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