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Jeep Commander Rockrails / Rock Sliders

Commander Kicker Rock Sliders.

"If only the Titanic had these on." 


Jeep Commander Rock Slider kits

ARCA Competitor, Bart Jacobs, uses and abuses our Jeep Rockrails...
the only rocker protection capable of withstanding this type of world class abuse!

Rocky Road Rockrails are the creme' de la creme' of Jeep rocker panel and door protection.
We use 3/16" inner hitch steel to make sure your bars do NOT bend!
Anything else is just plain flimsy.
Most other rocker sliders are made from thin 1/8" wall material and a good number of the Rockrails we sell are to those who have bought these thinner bars and have bent them up. Even slick looking dual tube designs that appear to offer better protection are still only made from 1/8" steel and will bend on a hard impact.
As pretty as those dual tube jobbers may look, when push comes to shove, and rocks come to crunch, those dual tubers will bend.... and many times, they'll shove themselves up into the body causing vehicle da
jeep commander rockrailsmage when they do collapse.
We know, we've replaced many of them for customers as well. At 1/4" thick, ours are the absolute strongest rocker protection you can buy in the universe.

Jeep Commander Rock Slider Rockrail kits 

Not only great-looking, but the strongest Rocker protection available.
Stands out slightly to offer side protection as well.
Click for larger picture.

The Rockrails have a very sleek rounded look about them as we use genuine inner hitch steel in their construction.
Hitch steel is not only very strong, it also has a nice radius corner instead of a hard boxy look.
Inner hitch steel is the stuff you use to plug into 2" receiver hitches.
Its sheer weight is astronomical as is its bending strength. Our shop press goes to 100 tons and we can't even start to bend them.
Do you think a scrawny little rock can hurt these things?
Think again!

Commander XK Rock Sliders, Strongest available!

Why hitch steel?
Why not go with a lesser gauge steel to save production costs?

Because we wouldn't trust anything less to protect our Jeep and neither should you! Besides, since these carry the Rocky Road **lifetime guarantee**, we don't want to have to replace them for you for free every couple years or so.

We made them indestructible so they'll last forever and they are guaranteed forever, NEVER to bend on you!

Our rock sliders are very simple to install and are completely 'bolt on'. They mount on the sub-frame as well as along the body seam. Not mounting along the entire seam causes extreme stress with the leverage of an impact on the outer rocker itself. Our design distributes the load across a broad area instead of focusing it on small spots.

Installation is made easier by marking strips which we include with every set. Instead of trying to juggle a 35lb rocker bar in place while you mark your holes, you simply clamp our thin steel marker strip onto the body seam and mark your mounting holes.

jeep commander rock slidersJeep commander Rock sliders, Best looking!

You'll find the Rockrails very attractive and will blend in nicely with your stock flares and moldings. They run fender to fender and many folks have commented on their very OEM (factory) look. They tuck tighter to the body than any other rocker on the market as well. In a nutshell, Rockrails are the strongest and thickest bars on the market, best mounting system, and are guaranteed NEVER to bend.
Why wouldn't you get a set?

Supersliders in action for the Jeep Commander.
Our most popular kit for your Jeep!
Click for larger view.

Some folks ask if they can handle a HiLift jack.
HA! If a rock slider cannot handle a gentle upward push from a HiLift, how is it supposed to block an assault by a full body slam on a rock??? Our
Rockrails can handle anything and everything you can throw at them and are guaranteed for life against denting or bending.

Don't take only our word for it though. Check out the Jeep Rockrail review at the Cherokee America website for pics on the install and overall impressions on their looks and durability.... Or take a look at the 4Wheel and Offroad magazine's Skyjacker project Jeep.... Or any number of magazine or E-zine editor's rigs and you'll see Rocky Road Rockrails over and over again.  




Jeep Commander Rockrail and Superslider kits

Also available are the Rocky Road Premium Super-sliders, pictured above on the silver Jeep.

These rocker bars offer all the strength and warranty of our regular Rockrails, but with the added bonus of an additional upper tube. This upper tube can provide even more protection against sliding into rocks, trees, or other trail hazards.

Everyone who has seen these on our shop 4x4s has wanted a pair. They are unequaled in strength and looks.

They also make an excellent step for access to roof racks and such.

Each Super Slider kit mounts identical to the standard Rockrail for the vehicle. It also still features that great looking 45* front and rear edge. Not only good for looks, but alot more practical for trail use than our competition's squared off ends.

This is basically the same proven design as our world famous Rockrails, only with the extra slider tube up top.

Pictures for the Commander Supersliders coming soon. The basic look is the same for all vehicles so check out our shots to the right for a look at the Rocky Road Supersliders.

The extra slider tube up top offers additional side protection on the trail and off the trail. One of our favorite uses of the Superslider is as a bash guard against other swinging doors in a parking. Imagine the dismay of the chump who just threw open his car door only to whack it on the solid steel of your Superslider. He just stuck a nice dent in the edge of his door, your Jeep still looks cherry!

 kl cherokee kicker slider

Jeep Commander Kicker Rock Slider kits!

Same great mounting strength and overall design as our Superslider kits, but with that extra rear kick-out section in back. For years these have been hugely popular with the Toyota guys, and now Rocky Road is finally bringing them to Jeep people!

Click the picture for a larger view.

These kits offer superior protection, amazing good looks, and as you can see in the photo at left, the rear Kicker portion also features a Diamond Plate cover for a really cool look and the kit also provides excellent access for roof racks, as well as for use as a step into your Jeep.

We do want some pics of these on customer vehicles. If you are the first to send back some nice photos of the Kicker Sliders mounted on your Commander that we can use online, we will give you a $50 refund as thanks.






Jeep Commander Rock Slider kits

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Commander Rock Sliders - Powdercoated
Commander Super Sliders - Powdercoated
Commander Kicker Rock Sliders - Powdercoated and Diamond Plate
Commander Kicker Rock Sliders - Powdercoated, Full Diamond Plate

The world has discovered that Rocky Road parts are the absolute best on the planet. As a result of the somewhat overwhelming demand at this time for our kits, there can sometimes be a few weeks turnaround time. Please bear with us and understand sometimes the best things in life take just a little longer