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Jeep Commander OME Lift Kit

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Jeep Commander Old Man Emu kits

Old Man Emu suspension components are perfect for those who want ride quality over 'show' quality. You may find taller or more heavily advertised suspension lifts on the market, but you will never find anything that ride more comfortably, has greater load capacity, or is more durable than Old Man Emu. If you truly are looking for the 'best' suspension and not just the most popular or one that temporarily sits a bit taller (most lifts sag quickly, not OME), then you have found the very best suspension on the planet for your Jeep.

Click on the spring graphic for some great engineering information on the Old Man Emu springs.

With Old Man Emu, your ride quality improves immensely over stock and the plush ride will turn you off from lessor springs sold by more well-known companies with huge advertising budgets or cheap stiff coil lifts from the moment you try them. OME suspensions are widely regarded as the best engineered suspension on the market for any vehicle. Not necessarily the best choice for those looking to go extreme with super size tires and huge lifts. The OME system is a sensible lift height designed for maximum highway comfort and excellent offroadability.


Old Man Emu does NOT provide any installation instructions for the Jeep Commander kits.
Rocky Road has done the work of producing a complete installation manual for the OME suspension though! The instructions are only available with a purchase of the Commander OME lift from Rocky Road (we unfortunately cannot email them out without a purchase).

No other 4x4 shop that sells Old Man Emu lift kits can or will provide installation instructions for you.
Our installation manual can save an hour or two on your installation time, which saves money, as well as helps to avoid installation which also cost time and money to sort out. Put another way, ordering the OME kit from any other company will result in higher installation cost... and a nose-down stance. Be wise, buy from Rocky Road.
These are ONLY available to Rocky Road customers... you're welcome!! ;^)

Jeep Commander OME Not to forget, we do also include FREE leveling spacers with all of our kits!

Commander Old Man Emu lift

Among the many great benefits of the OME suspensions, the spring rate is tailored to your vehicle and taste. One spring does not fit all, and OME understands this. This is why there is a choice of springs for guys running an 8 cyl engine up front, heavy winch bar, safari rack, oversized spare tire, etc. Customize your suspension and get it right the first time! OME also builds their shocks and struts specific to your Jeep. Its not a shock designed for a full size pickup truck that cross-references to your vehicle as well. It is built for the specific weight and suspension geometry of your vehicle for a comfortable ride on and offroad. As with the springs, various rates of dampening are also available with the OME shocks.

Click the shock graphics to view some great information on the engineering behind OME shocks.

Jeep Commander Old Man Emu lifts are about 1.5-2" in lift height. Please note these kits sit a little nose-down, much like your factory suspension position. If you wish a more level stance, please pick up the Trim Packer kit we have listed below as an Optional Item.

NOTE: Now included in all OME suspension packages from Rocky Road Outfitters... FREE LEVELING KIT included!

commander lift kitJeep Commander OME suspension lift, Old Man Emu

We have a great deal more information on the actual construction of the springs and shocks. To view this excellent engineering FAQ, please click on the coil spring graphic above to go to the technical spring webpage... then click on the shock graphic to the right for some excellent engineering information on Old Man Emu shocks.

Old Man Emu lifted Jeep Commander.
An excellent suspension upgrade as well as a 'lift'.

Rocky Road will always be committed to bringing you the best products and service. Find out why we are a leader in ARB sales throughout the world. Contact us with your best deal, and we'll try and beat it! Please call or email us for the Rocky Road Pricing Policy regarding any ARB or OME products or for questions regarding international, Alaska, or Hawaii shipping.

 Be sure to check out our well known 2.25" suspension system  
It is the only spacer lift on the market which is still made in the USA. All other kits of this type are currently made in China

Rocky Road Outfitters kits come with Commander OME Lift kit installation instructions!!

We are THE ONLY company providing lift instructions on the Commander at this time. Other companies do not have, and can not provide install instructions for the OME kits (as well as not having the leveling trim packer included free). Make sure and get the best bang for your OME buck by purchasing from Rocky Road with our exclusive additions to the OME Liberty Lift kits.
NOTE: Instructions are only available with a purchase and can not be emailed


 Jeep Commander OME lift strut assembled

ASSEMBLED Jeep Commander lifted strut kits!!!

NOW AVAILABLE from Rocky Road Outfitters.... Assembled Jeep Commander Struts! All Commanders use a front strut system. Sometimes assembling these struts can be challenging to impossible for folks who want a simple Do-It-Yourself home installation. Rocky Road has the solution! Our kits now come with the option of pre-assembly which makes it so anyone can install the Old Man Emu lift on their own without special equipment. Our preassembled struts come with the new bushings and new genuine Jeep strut mount. Pre-assembly means...

Saves 1-2 hours during your suspension installation. Saves you money/time!
No specialized equipment needed during installation which means many can install this kit at home!
All new strut caps and rubber isolators. No need to re-use your existing old rotting pieces for the strut assembly. Our kit gives you all new Jeep strut parts!



Free Leveling Spacer Kit & Instructions with each complete suspension purchase!
Rocky Road is THE ONLY company with installation instructions and leveling kits included!!

Jeep Commander OME Parts

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Front OME Strut, each
Front Lift Spring, each
Rear OME Shock, each
Rear OME Spring, each
RRO LEVELING Trim Packer kit:
Helps to level out the nose-down stance of the OME suspension if you do not want this.
Upper and Lower Front Control arm kits


OME Jeep Commander Lift Kits, XK with installation instructions!

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Complete OME Suspension:
F/R OME springs, Front OME struts, Rear OME shocks, Free Leveling Spacer kit!
OME Budget Suspensions:
F/R OME springs, Front DT Heavy Duty struts, Rear RRO shocks
    Deluxe OME Kit:
F/R OME springs, Front OME struts, Rear OME shocks,
     Trim Packers, RRO Upper Control Arms

Optional Assembled Front Struts
Must be purchased with OME springs & struts. Includes all new strut caps
and spring isolators. Saves a couple hours on installation time!


 OME commander lift kit

 Old Man Emu lifted Jeep Commander.
Notice the nice leveled stance. This is only possible with the Rocky Road OME kits.
Every other OME dealer on the planet will only sell the NOSE-DOWN systems.
Rocky Road provides free leveling spacers which we manufacture specifically for the Commander OME suspension upgrade.