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commander lift installation

2.25" Jeep Commander Lift Kit

(The ONLY Commander spacer lift kit NOT made in China)


Choosing a lift for your Jeep may be intimidating or confusing for some. There are so many options out there, prices, lift heights. If you have any questions at all about not only our lifts, but just lifting your Jeep in general, PLEASE feel free to call or email us. All of our technical staff are highly experienced at vehicle modification and can provide excellent assistance and insight for your decision. 

Jeep Commander lift kit and leveling...

Jeep commander lift kitsFIRST... this is THE ONLY Jeep Commander lift kit MADE IN THE USA.
All other (non spring replacement) lift kits on the market are made in China, even from US Companies.
Keep that in mind as you shop around. Buy China, or buy USA. Its an important decision these days. Rocky Road kits are all USA made, we are PROUD OF THAT, you should be too!!!

Tambrae Deleo says -- "I recently ordered a lift from u guys and just wanted to share the pictures of my jeep with u.
I'm VERY happy with your product!! My jeep has your 2.25 in lift with shocks, 1.5" wheel spacers, 17" vision wheels,
and hankook dynapro tires 265/70/17."

Click the pic for larger view.

Our Commander lifts are easy to install, retain the stock suspension springs, and don't screw up your vehicle. After installation of a Rocky Road lift, you will still have the same safe and sane handling on your daily driver. Don't just take our word for it that RRO lifts are the best. Mopar Underground... the Mopar team that builds those awesome concept vehicle you see at SEMA, in the magazines, and at auto shows and events around the country have chosen Rocky Road lift kits 3 times for their project Jeeps. Mopar can choose any lift system, they have come to Rocky Road since there is no better suspension. That's just a fact.

Jeep Commander Lift KitOur kit uses a high strength spring spacer system with your stock rear springs. This eliminates the problem with many systems on the market today for Jeeps.... STIFF springs. Most companies choose the lowest bid when farming out production of their springs which means the customer oftimes gets stuck with a ride that is worse than stock. Our system retains your factory springs so your ride quality and load capacity are not diminished.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

This photo was submitted to us by a partner dealership who helped us introduce this first-of-its-kind suspension system for the Commander.
Available new from the showroom floor with a lift and full factory warranty. Can't beat that!

Running Mickey Thompson MTX radial 265/70/17, and the wheels are forged American Racing Sidewinder in 17 x 8

We also include a full steel outer strut spacer for the front suspension. This lift component mounts outside of the factory strut and so avoids stiffening the suspension. Any kits you might stumble across that use an inside strut spacer will stiffen the vehicle so much as to make this ride quality very uncomfortable. We tried the internal spacer design with the IFS Jeep strut system and absolutely hated the ride quality. The exterior strut setup doesn't pre-load your spring, so you get full smooth factory ride quality with no worries on ball joint or control arm complications.

Jeep Commander Lift Kit

Jeep Commander XK Lift Kit Construction

A shot of Kelli Pearson's lifted Commander. Cick for larger view.

Here's some details..... "TWO THUMBS UP from me!!! Your kit and new shocks with Nitto Terra Grapplers 265/70 R17 and Moto Metal 954 Wheels"

Our exterior strut design is also a bonus for those do-it-yourselfers who want to try their hand at their own installation. Since our system does not require disassembly of the strut, you can do install the lift in your own driveway with standard hand tools. Our technicians noted that the installation of this lift was actually easier than any other Jeep on the market, including Cherokee, Wrangler, CJ, etc. This is the easiest Jeep on the planet in our opinion to install a lift for, so don't be gun-shy if you want to try your own hand at it. The installation manual is easy to read and comes with photos to follow along with.  


If you do wish to purchase new shocks, Rocky Road exclusively uses our own engineered shocks for Commanders as the superior shock on the market today. You get superior valving designed for SUV weight for excellent ride quality on this upgraded shock as opposed to a shock designed for a full size pickup and rides like a tank.... such as those found in many other lifts. The stock shocks are marginal at this lift height. You might be able to run with stock stocks, but we do not recommend it. For this reason, we offer a full suspension lift with shocks, and without. The kit with shocks is equipped with our Jeep engineered shocks. An excellent choice since they're built perfect for the medium weight of the Commander and not for vehicles weighing thousands of lbs more.

Another optional component which you can click on below for pricing is our FRONT UPPER CONTROL ARMS. These are NOT mandatory for a safe and proper riding suspension, but are an excellent upgrade to the stock control arms for greater durability, serviceable ball joints, better axle alignment and positioning as well. Certainly something to consider if you want the absolute best overall suspension upgrade possible.

 Why Choose the Rocky Road Commander Lift Kit?

Jeep Commander Lift KitWe know you'll find the Rocky Road 2.25" lift to be the best riding suspension on the market for your Commander and have designed it for not only maximum performance, but maximum ride quality with our external strut spacers. Why only 2.25"... why not something taller? We tested taller lifts and found that anything over 2.5" tall can and will damage your front CV axles. A taller lift may sound better initially to some, but unless you are keep to change out your thousand dollar (apiece) front axles once a year, every year, then avoid the taller lift because they will harm your drivetrain. Keeping it mild keeps it simple, safe, and protective to your drivetrain. 

Looks just as good sitting in the great outdoors as in the dealership with a Rocky Road lift installed.

Click on the pic for a larger view.

We've received many questions on tire sizing with this lift. The answer is.... there is no single answer.

Wheel size and backspace can make as much or more of a difference as tire size. The design of the steering knuckle assembly makes it close quarters width-wise for oversize tire fitment. While our lift will create the vertical height you need, you will have to watch the width and backspacing carefully. For this reason, we cannot spec nor guarantee any tire/wheel size will fit. What we recommend is to install your lift, then have a tire shop test mount the setup you're thinking of before purchase. Have them test fit a front tire as that is where any issues will crop up. Any tire shop wanting your business will do a test fit in their shop (no need to drive on it, you'll know with it parked).


A WORD ON OTHER LIFTS... We receive calls and emails all the time from folks who lifted their Commander with 3-4" lift kits and have major problems with alignment, axle durability, and other drivetrain issues. Looking for experts who actually KNOW this Jeep and not finding help at the companies that originally sold them the lifts... they ultimately work their way to Rocky Road for assistance. We explain to them the dangers of lifting over 2.5". What our early testing showed on drivetrain damage and alignment problems. And why our systems avoid these expensive complications. Inevitably the only fix for their problems is to remove the lift kit they originally bought, then buy a proper/correct kit from Rocky Road, and all problems are solved. If you are researching options, do yourself a favor and skip the headaches, expense, and problems of the other systems and get it right from the start by choosing Rocky Road. Otherwise in the end... you may find yourself coming back and buying with us anyway to fix someone else's problems.

We also receive questions about how our kit stacks up against 'cheap' lift kits. Again, we get calls and emails regularly from customers who did find something that saved a few bucks initially on purchase price, but are suffering from faulty engineering in those kits. Being known as experts on the Commander, the solution as above is to remove the low-cost pieces causing the problems and go with the highest quality system which everyone know works best... Rocky Road Outfitters.


For pricing and pictures on the Commander Rockrails, click  


Jeep Commander Lift Kit (Made in USA)

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Commander Lift Kit
Commander Lift Kit with shocks
Deluxe Commander Lift Kit, Control Arms, and Shocks
Optional front strut shocks
Optional Upper control arm kit (pair)


Shock Options

The standard shocks included in this kit are manufactured by Doetsch Suspension Systems. These shocks are an excellent value and have the following features:
  • Twin tube design
  • Generic Valving that is excellent for the Jeep
  • 1 3/8" piston
  • Closed cell foam
  • Baked enamel finish

You can also upgrade to nitrogen charged shocks. The nitrogen gas and larger bore increase control and will react instantly to changing conditions. These shocks have the following features:

  • Hand Built
  • Valved specifically for the WK/XK
  • Mono tube design
  • Large bore
  • Powder coat finish

*Free ground shipping applies to contiguous US states only. International and expedited rates will be applied upon order fullfillment.

** Rear shocks are highly recommended because off added travel to the rear suspension with our lift kit. Without longer rear shocks your downtravel will be limited. The amount of travel in the front suspension is not affected by the lift kit so front struts are only recommended if your current struts have more than 50,000 miles.


 Jeep Commander Lift Kit

Rockrails and Supersliders for the Jeep Commander.

Click on the pic for more information on the most critical piece of skidplating you can install on your Jeep.

Easy to install, protects the most exposed area on your Jeep, sleek factory look.