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commander lift installation

Jeep Commander Upper Control arm kits

also fits 2005-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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jeep control arm ball joint
Shows the high range of motion of our Ball Joints.
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Jeep Commander Control ARMs

The ORIGINAL Heavy Duty Jeep Commander control arms.

Fixes stability issues on some lifted Jeeps on the highway
More Caster and full factory spec alignment for any Jeep Commander lift
Fixes stability issues on some lifted Jeeps on the highway
More Caster and full factory spec alignment for any Jeep Grand Cherokee lift
More Suspension flex and Articulation, which means more traction on the trail
Factory bushing design fights the squeaks which are common with the other 'RED' control arms on the market now
.25" wall DOM tubing, the strongest on the market!
Attractive and un-obnoxious matte-black powdercoat color
Replaceable Ball joints, unlike the stock arms
More compact design allows for fitting larger tires with less contact issues on the control arms
New Ball Joint location provides more space and more clearance for oversized tires.
Repositioning of Ball Joint eases the angle on the ball joints and put them in a neutral position, which leads to much better reliability and less wear overall.
Modified actual Jeep rubber bushings in the control arms for maximum strength and vibration absorption.
Ball joints can be purchased anywhere in the world, they are NOT special custom pieces which can only be purchased thru the manufacturer. This is KEY if you have problems out on the trail or while on an adventure.
Greaseable ball joints
Helps with CV boot wear due to repositioning of axle/knuckle assembly
Control arms work with ALL lift kits from any manufacturer.
Made in the USA!!!

Jeep XK Commander UCA (Upper Control Arms)

Some Jeepers who have had a lifted Jeep Commander for awhile and play hard, may have had to change out their upper control arms. Our XK Commander Control arms are a great alternative. Its also not uncommon for the stock control arms to contact the spring and make a noise during suspension movement, another issue which our Commander control arms help minimize.

FACT: We use a MOOG Cadillac Escalade Ball Joint. Our competition's ball joints are a 'in-house brand' and can only be purchased from our competitor.. expensive, AND you're screwed if something breaks while you're away from home... or they ever go out of business! Our MOOG Ball Joints can be purchased at any auto parts store, anywhere in the world.
FACT: Our competitor's Ball Joints are not stronger or more durable than the top of the line MOOG Ball Joints in the Rocky Road kit.
FACT: Our kits are manufactured for lifted Jeeps, and allow factory spec alignment as easy, or easier than our competition.


Control arms for Jeep XK Commander

How does one make sure they're buying the best kit on the market? Well this should end ALL "chat forum" debate over which Jeep Commander Control arms are the best in the business....  
MOPAR went looking for THE BEST suspension and control arms on the planet for their 'project' Jeeps (these are the Jeeps that show up at popular 4x4 events, Auto industry & trade around the world), and...
MOPAR picked Rocky Road!
MOPAR engineers do not just follow a popular thread on a chat forum, or a couple of "testomonials" from close friends of a 4x4 shop.
MOPAR does not take the word of non-experts.
MOPAR investigates the complete engineering before making any decision... Rocky Road Control Arms were deemed the best engineered by these experts

This ends all online debate. You can't argue Jeep engineering with Jeep engineers, and they chose RRO control arms as the best engineered. When you buy Rocky Road you are buying the best. FACT.


Commander Control arm kits.

Kits use factory Jeep rubber bushings for OEM guaranteed durability and impact absorbtion. Should you ever need to replace them, you can pick them up from your local Jeep dealer, or we can supply them for you as well.

Our ball joints are the same as those you find in such premium vehicles as the Cadillac Escalade, and so are more than strong enough for use on the Jeep Commander. The radial static load rating on our ball joints is also thousands of lbs stronger than the standard Jeep, for a more durable design. The MOOG joints in our kits can also be found around the world in most auto parts stores, and so are an easy exchange when/if the need should ever arise for a replacement.

Jeep commander control armClick picture for larger view.

Look close at the picture to the left (or top left on this webpage) for correct orientation of the ball joint coming in thru the top to alleviate any installation or alignment issues!

Please follow our installation instructions and photo details carefully to avoid alignment problems...


Rocky Road Control arms have a lifetime guarantee never to bend or dent. If they do, send it back and we will replace the arm for you.

As a result of the extremely heavy duty .25 wall DOM tubing we use on our arms, damage will never happen, ever. Stronger control arms, you can not find. The mounting plate for the ball joints is equally overkill. You cannot harm these control arms. The ball joints themselves are very easily changed out should the need ever arise for servicing.

Until the release of this kit, your only options were to buy stock replacements from the Jeep dealership, or pay $450 for the only other kit on the market which doesn't offer a lifetime warranty, or the same level of engineering quality. We have now, come to the rescue with a superior control arm kit at over $100 in savings!

Rocky Road control arm kits come with the Extreme Duty ball joints and dust boot, bushings, and hardware. All are powdercoated in a durable tasteful black. The Rocky Road deluxe control arm kits offer the very best components on the planet. The Rocky Road control arms are for the Jeeper that wants only the best with the highest standards for quality and performance.

Please note: This control arm kit does require a minimum 1.25" of lift for proper alignment when installed.

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  Jeep Control Arm FREE SHIPPING SALE going on NOW!!!

Commander (and WK) Control arm kits

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Commander Upper control arm kit (pair)

Commander Replacement Moog Ball Joint (individual)

Replacement Control Arm Bushing

Jeep Commander Lower Front Control arm kits

 *Please note, our control arms will not fully correct for caster with 3" lifts and higher.

 Thanks for your interest in our Jeep suspension components. The world has discovered that Rocky Road parts are the absolute best on the planet. As a result of the somewhat overwhelming demand at this time for our kits, there may be a few weeks turnaround time. Please bear with us and understand sometimes the best things in life take just a little longer