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comanche lift installation

Jeep Comanche Lift Kit, 5" and 6"

Choosing a lift for your Jeep may be intimidating or confusing for some as there are so many options out there, prices, lift heights, and misguided opinions from internet forums. If you have any questions at all about not only our lifts, but just lifting your Jeep in general, PLEASE feel free to call or email us. All of our technical staff are highly experienced at vehicle modification and can provide excellent assistance and insight for your decision. 

Jeep Comanche Lift Kit


Jeep Comanche Lift Kit


Jeep Comanche Old Man Emu Lift Kit

Before and after shots of the Jeep Commanche on our RTI ramp. Click on pics for larger images.

Before measurements.... why even bother. The factory suspension was pitiful and embarassing.

After... 28" of articulation! An RTI ramp score of 825!!!
Not bad for a bolton suspension that will handle like a dream at 80mph and ride as smooth as a new Grand Cherokee.


Add A Leaf lift kits are THE WORST!!!

Add A Leaf kits exist for only one reason, they're CHEAP. One single spring has to lift the vehicle, fight gravity, and fight all the other springs in the pack. This is one darn stiff spring. AAL kits never ride well and their lifespan is very short. We get calls regularly from some poor sucker who purchased an AAL kit from another shop, and either can't stand the stiff/rough ride, or he lost his lift height from saggy springs.

Do yourself a favor, save money by avoiding the cheap junk up front. Add A Leaf systems are also so stiff they eliminate all flex from your rear leaf springs. Want your Jeep to have the suspension flex of a mini-van? Well then maybe AAL kits are for you. For what most people want out of their 4x4 though, AAL kits are the worst thing you can do to your Comanche.

Next up... Are you looking at a cheap-o lift kit which has NO TRACK BAR for the front???
C'mon now... They are telling you that you don't need a new track bar with 4-5-6" of lift on the front?? Your axle is going be be several inches pulled to the side. This alone should tell you those kits need to be avoided!!

Get it right the first time, with a Rocky Road lift kit.


Jeep Comanche lift kit

Onward in our attempt to advise on how superior the Rocky Road comanche kit is... Cheap lift springs are another problem in the marketplace. We've checked the other Comanche kits on the market and their front springs (frankly) Stink!

Go with the best Old Man Emu spring right off the bat and you'll never regret spending the extra money. Better still, your friends and family will actually WANT to ride on your Jeep instead of dreading the horrible ride of those cheap springs frmo any of the other Comanche kits on the market. 

Jeep Comanche Lift KitThere is no question about it, the world knows that Old Man Emu springs cannot be beat for ride quality. Their only downside is that they are not too tall which poses a problem for folks looking to run taller tires, but who still want to enjoy their daily ride in their nice Jeep. We have combined the OME springs with some extra lift components for the rear to offer a system that not only rides far better than anything else on the market, but can handle up to 33" tires with Bushwacker cut-out flares.

You want flex? YOU GOT IT!!!
Nothing flexes more than the Rocky Road suspension for your Comanche.
Click the picture for a larger view.

We also offer optional soft riding Rocky Road Engineered shocks.

Tired of shocks from ProComp, Rancho, Rough Country, and numerous others designed for the weight of an F350 diesel pickup? So are we. Our RRO shocks offer a plush ride quality for folks who actually use their Jeeps daily around town, but who also want a top grade offroad shock for when the weekend rolls around.

We now have lift kits for the Dana 35 rear axle, or for the Dana 44 rear axle. Please verify which axle your Jeep has before ordering to receive the correct rear suspension setup.  


Jeep Comanche Lift KitComanche OME lift kit includes:

Old Man Emu replacement front coil springs. A whole new springset with an excellent matching of spring rate for ride comfort, and load capacity for longevity. These full height 4" lift springs provide the best ride quality and handling on the planet. No one, and no 4x4 shop can dispute this.

Rocky Road coil spacers. Also for the front. Our full height 1" and 2" lift coil spacers for our 5" and 6" lift systems bring the front up to match the height of the new SOA rear suspension setup. Our coil spacers fit tight for a rattle free life... which will be longer than you own your vehicle, guaranteed. All our coil spacers are logo designed and carry a lifetime warranty.

Rear SOA setup showing our anti-wrap super length spring pads
and our optional rock slider insert for the Ubolt/Shock mount plate.

Optional Rocky Road Engineered shocks. A great soft riding shock designed for the medium weight of the Comanche. Rides like a dream on road as opposed to other STIFF shocks.

Bolton Rear SOA setup. Rocky Road is the king of bolton SOA systems for any Jeep or other offroad vehicle. We bring this engineering expertise to the Comanche with our unique and bombproof bolton system. Our spring pads 'key' into your existing spring pads under the axle so you cannot mess up your driveline angles. Our SOA springpads are also extra long in design to help combat spring wrap.

New Ubolt system and spring plates. No need to worry about salvaging those rusted old Ubolts. Our kit comes with a complete new axle bolt system for the rear SOA setup.  

Adj. Front Track Bar. Anytime you go over 2" in lift, you must replace the front track bar to keep proper front axle alignment and handling. You spot any lifts without this critical item and plan on having to buy one anyway since your front axle will be all sorts of cockeyed.

New rear brake line extension. Your front lines can be extended to fit our lift, the instructions will cover this. Rear brake line must be extended though since SOA lifts are ULTRA-flexy and your stock line must be extended. This is a DOT rubber (inspector friendly) brake line.... not a cheapo stainless line.

Mark Bean is totally stoked on his 6" Rocky Road lift with the Rocky Road CAD kit. Here's what he says...
I have Mickey Thompson 33x12.50 Bear Claws on M/T 15"x10", 4.5" backspace.

Click the pics for larger views

Jeep Comanche Lift Kit
Jeep Comanche Lift Kit
Proportioning valve extension. Surprised? Yes.... we have thought of it all. Do other kits have this? Of course not. We'd be surprised if they even knew the Comanche had a proportioning valve for the rear axle. Our simple kit bolts onto the diff housing same as the factory bracket and keep your vehicle braking in a safe manner

Parking brake extension kit. Yes... this too must be addressed when your lift your Comanche. Other kit? No way. Our simple setup extends your parking brake assembly for proper operation and state inspection compliance.

Front Sway bar relocation kit. Once again, a Rocky Road first that really is required. When you lift your Comanche this high, even with sway bar disconnects, the top of your sway bar mounts will push forward INTO your springs. This will cause banging and bumping to no end. Our kit moves the mounting point forward an inch to eliminate this complication.

Numerous other optional items for your Comanche suspension.
Also, our kits are designed for use with 2WD or 4WD Jeeps.

All these items add up to the finest riding suspension on the planet. No hocus pocus parts that are unnecessary. Just the required components to make your Jeep ride and flex awesome, be stable on the interstate at 80mph, and excel at offroad performance. Kits are available in 5" lift heights. We do have optional items to bump the lift height to 6", though at this extra height control arm modification is necessary. Jeep designed the control arm mount system to be adjustable and you can set your vehicle's alignment to proper spec with our lift system.


Jeep Comanche Old Man Emu lift components...

For some good information on why our OME front springs offer such a superior ride, please visit our OME springs page. Click on the Old Man Emu link at right.

There may be debate, but the simple fact is the Rocky Road Comanche lift is is THE best riding and best overall lift system on the planet for your Jeep especially if combined with our CAD system with information linked below. Check out the engineering data on our springs, nothing will ride as smooth, handle as well, or prove more durable than the Rocky Road Comanche lift system. Its a fact!


Make sure and also check out our CAD Control Arm Drop system. This excellent kit gives you factory spec geometry for your front axle mounting your lifted Comanches with 5 or more inches of lift. The best thing you can do for handling and control on taller lifted MJs. Check out more information on this exciting system




Individual Kit Component:              Rocky Road kit  Typical AAL kit 
Stiff Add A Leaf that ruins ride quality
Highest quality Old Man Emu front springs Inferior springs
Bolton SOA spring pads
Rear Brake Line Extension
Parking Brake Extension
Front Adjustable Track bar
Proportioning valve riser kit
Ubolt hardware pack & replacement mounting kit
Swaybar relocation kit
Easy to follow installation instructions


Optional kit items


Optional RRO Long Travel shocks
Optional Sway bar quick disconnects
Optional 1" transfer case drop
Optional Shock mount rock sliders
Optional Drop pitman steering arm


 Why in the heck would anyone chose an AAL kit? Only one reason..... complete disregard for ride quality in exchange for a cheap price-tag. Do yourself a favor and don't get suckered by the most low-budget setup on the market. You get what you pay for and you'll never regret spending just a bit more for the best system on the market. For those folks that already picked up an Add A Leaf kit, hate your decision, and are shopping around for a better solution.... Rocky Road welcomes you too.

Be sure to check out our Comanche Rockrail / Rock sliders




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Comanche Lift kits
Optional Comanche kit components
Rear SOA setup only
Optional Control Arms, Control Arm Drop kit
Stock replacement Comanche Leaf Springs (sold individually)

This kit includes ONLY our rear SOA setup... Hardware pack, Anti-wrap springpads, Spring plates. 

The world has discovered that Rocky Road parts are the absolute best on the planet. As a result of the somewhat overwhelming demand at this time for our kits, there can sometimes be a few weeks turnaround time. Please bear with us and understand sometimes the best things in life take just a little longer  



Jeep Comanche Lift KitMark Wood's 5" lifted Comanche. Looking good!!!
Click on the pic for larger image.