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 jeep body lift


Pictured is our JK Wrangler 1" Body lift kit.


1" Jeep Body Lift Kits

One of the least expensive and oftimes easiest ways to lift your Jeep, or trim it up a bit for those larger tires, can be a body lift.

One piece hi-impact poly mounts means less body roll than conventional body lifts.

All our kits come with easy to follow instructions and all necessary hardware for your frame, radiator system, and all other affected components.

You may notice we don't carry taller body lifts than 1". The primary reason for this is your safety. 2" and 3" body lifts are dangerous and as such, are illegal in many states. Taller body lifts WILL bind your steering which can be dangerous. Taller body lifts also cause problems with shifter alignment. Nothing is less fun that sitting at an intersection or at the base of an obstacle battling your shift levers because they're way out of whack from 2 and 3" body lifts. The leverage can also cause the body to slide and shift under hard braking or in a minor fender bender... also not good.

Our kits avoid these pitfalls and keep it simple to avoid these issues.


1" Jeep Body Lift Kits



jeep body lift


TJ Wranglers with 1" Body lifts on 31's.