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Jeep Cherokee Rear Bumper w/Tire Carrier

cherokee rear bumper

The Wilderness EXT Series Jeep Cherokee rear bumper System is designed for anyone from the casual off-roader to the extreme off-roader. The EXT series is not a universal bolt-to-anything type unit. Each system is matched and serial numbered from the factory.

The system includes a special bolt handle closing mechanism to prevent any rattling when in use. The EXT series bumper is a very heavy duty bumper, 2” receiver, clevis mounts, and hi-lift jack mount included!

Black powdercoated for durability and easy touch-up if you do scrape it on the trail. Looks great on any color Jeep, any color trim package.

You can add the accessories below to make this system ready for the extreme trail and customize to your exact taste or budget. All components can be easily bolted on or removed at any time. Items like the fuel and water can carriers are have such top-notch features as a cam-lock heavy duty nylon strap. Keeps everything snug even on the roughest trails.

The shovel and axe mounts can double as spare axle mounts, or any number of other items you can fasten into place.

The customization ability of this rack is truly unique and a must-have for serious offroaders.

Wilderness Jeep Bumpers are manufactured from 2” x 4” x 3/16” rectangular steel tubing. Try and dent this... you cannot.

cherokee rear bumper
Optional steel corner guards. These work for any year Cherokee.
cherokee rear bumper
Jeep without the corner guards...
cherokee rear bumper
Jeep with the corner guards. Dramatic difference!
Bumper ends are tapered for improved ground clearance and a nice finish. They also give plenty of room for those folks running super size tires. No interference at all.


 XJ Rear Bumper Corner Guards

Also available exclusively from Rocky Road are our end corner guards as pictured to the right.

This incredible kit not only makes a huge difference in the look of your Jeep, but also offers incredible protection for the rear corner panels. The kits will work for any year Cherokee, but is really critical on 1997-2001 Jeeps. Those model Jeeps come from the factory with a plastic bumper end cap that tends to cultivate rust and just looks like crap when removed as shown in the middle picture to the right. Notice the huge difference in how the same Jeep looks without the corner guard, and then with the corner guard below.

Jeep owners with pre-1997 model Cherokees can benefit from this great cover and protection component.

These corner guards were enginered specifically to work with the Wilderness bumper, but can be used with other bumpers that share a similar mounting system. Note the middle picture to the right to check this out.


 Cherokee Rear Bumper Hitch

cherokee rear bumperAll Wilderness bumpers come with a class III rated integrated hitch receiver on the front, as well as two heavy-duty shackle mounts will accept 3/4” diameter pin shackles and work great for towing, extraction, or other heavy duty usage.

Check out our optional trailer plug mount for the Wilderness bumpers to the left. Shown with the optional 7-pin trailer plug.

Able to choose any bumper on the planet, Rocky Road owner Glenn Wakefield uses this bumper system on his personal Jeep with just about every bolton piece available for local trips to Moab, or those extended cross-country trips to his favorite haunt in Mexico.

This system really does stand alone in the Jeep world for quality and utility and strength. There is no stronger bumper on the planet.



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Jeep Cherokee Rear Bumper & Carrier


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