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cherokee lift installation

Jeep Cherokee KL Lift Kit (2014+)

Cherokee KL Lift WITH Instructions! No other Dobinson dealer provides lift instructions!!

Jeep Cherokee KL 1" Lift Kit

Jeep Cherokee lift kit

Lifted Cherokee with Rocky Road Supersliders (courtesy Jeep Cherokee Club).

Jeep Cherokee Lift Kit

265/70/17 with stock wheels

KL Lift Kit

Cherokee KL Lift Kit
Includes Front/Rear springs, shocks, struts

The "new" Jeep Cherokee KL has a complicated suspension system. The zero tolerance camber adjustment means that lift height has to be moderate in order to keep the alignment within factory specs. Additionally, due to the complexity of the lower control arm assembly it is very costly to replace. As a result we've had to focus on ride quality and handling as opposed to pure, unadulterated lift height. The spring rate is about 10% higher than th factory springs to handle some additional weight, like winches, roof racks, and gear.  The ride quality and handling are noticeably sharper with the new components.

Why Use our KL Lift Kit

We've partnered with Dobinsons springs, out of Australia to manufacture high quality replacement parts that do not require any modifications to the vehicle to work. Simply remove the factory components and replace with the new parts. Read below for a deeper history on Dobinsons components.

KL Cherokee Lift Height

Our Jeep Cherokee Lift kit will be a challenge for alignment on NON-Trailhawk Jeeps, but is workable if you follow the strut assembly instructions in our installation manual.

Be aware, Rocky Road is THE ONLY company which supplies INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for the Dobinson lift kit. The... Only... Instructions. Buying from elsewhere, gets you nothing.

Having these instructions for your installer can save a good hour or so of install time, which is an excellent way to keep your overall cost down for lifting your Jeep. You also reduce the chances of an installation error by having the Rocky Road installation manual. It is a mistake to buy these ktis from anyone else without those important installation instructions!!
INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS, ONLY available from Rocky Road!!!

KL Lift Kit Components:

  • Front springs
  • Front struts
  • Rear springs
  • Rear shocks

Why Use Dobsinsons Components on a Jeep Cherokee KL?

Dobinsons Spring & Suspension™ established in 1953, is a 3rd generation Australian owned and operated family business that designs, manufactures and distributes high quality suspension components and 4×4 accessories. Quality, service and design expertise are at the core of Dobinsons Spring and Suspension beliefs and allow Dobinsons to provide only the best suspension and 4×4 accessories to all parts of the world.

Whether it be your 4×4, truck, passenger or commercial vehicle Dobinsons Spring and Suspension have a vast range of quality products designed and tested to perform in the harshest conditions worldwide. With over 60 years of experience and hundreds of distributors around Australia and the world Dobinsons have the products and service to meet your Suspension & 4×4 accessories requirements.

* Because these parts are manufactured and shipped from Australia, there can be some wait times involved with the components. Please call us with projected wait times.

Cherokee KL Lift kit!

The Dobinson KL lift kit does not come with any installation instructions, but Rocky Road has done the work of producing a complete installation manual for the KL lift system. The instructions are only available with a purchase of the KL lift from Rocky Road (we unfortunately cannot email them out without a purchase).
No other 4x4 shop that sells the KL lift kits can or will provide installation instructions for you.

Our installation manual will save you time and money for the install, as well as help to avoid installation errors from making guesses instead of having correct information. Put another way, purchasing the Dobinson kit from any other supplier will likely end up costing you much more in installation cost than having purchased thru Rocky Road. Be wise... buy Rocky Road!
These are only available to Rocky Road customers... you're welcome!! ;^)

NOTE: Instructions are only available with a purchase and can not be emailed

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