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Jeep Cherokee Lift Blocks and Axle Shims

Ultimate Jeep Cherokee Ultimate Lift Blocks

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A far better alternative to standard Cherokee lift blocks. Most lift blocks are molded aluminum with hollow center sections. These are known to crack, squish in on the sides, and even decompose over time and with hard usage.
Our stackable system offers a massive solid chunk of steel as the block itself.

Our Jeep Cherokee lift block spacers come in 1/2" increments. You can use just one for a little lift, or stack them tall for BIG lifts. For orders of more than one, we will actually weld the spacer pieces together into one solid block. This means if you want a 2" lift block, you get a solid chunk of steel that is 2.5" wide and 2" tall. Basically.... THE BEEF! Our block kit is sold in 1/2" segments.

Example: If you wanted a 2" block, you would purchase 4 segment kits; this would be a $52 kit. This system is far safer than conventional blocks and the wave of the future.

Please note, .5" blocks require longer center spring pins. Sometimes 1" blocks require them as well. 1.5" and taller blocks work fine with stock center pin.

Jeep Cherokee Lift Blocks




Jeep Cherokee axle shims

Jeep Cherokee Axle Shims.

Steel shims help keep driveline angles correct to help with vibration, prevent U-joint binding, and help fight spring wrap if your pinion is sticking up a bit too high. We carry different sized shims for different needs.

Jeep Cherokee axle shimsThese are steel shims, NOT aluminum! Aluminum shims can cost a couple bucks less, but will crack apart and fail over time. Is your life worth a few bucks? Steel shims will last forever and are VERY safe.




Jeep Axle Shims (pair)


  *Please note: 3* and 5* shims are typically stocked. Other sizes may required a couple extra weeks for the custom cutting.