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cherokee lift installation

Jeep Cherokee KL Bumper kits 2014 and newer!

We are currently looking for a 2019+ NON-Trailhawk Jeep in our area for a new bumper design. Our winch mounts work,
but our bumpers need a re-fit on the bumper. If you would like a winch and bumper kit for a 2019 NON-Trailhawk, email for details.

Winch Bumper kits for Jeep Cherokee KL, 2014 and newer

jeep cherokee winch bumperLeonard Bell's extremely well equipped KL with tech package, winch mount, and bumper
Click for full size image.

As the Jeep Cherokee gains popularity all around the world, more and more of these vehicles are hitting the trails. Some people don't think you can take these Jeeps offroad and have some fun, but Cherokee owners know better! After all... ITS A JEEP! And being that it is a true Jeep, Jeep owners always have the itch to improve, build up, and equip their vehicles for the trail. Rocky Road is the first and only company to introduce true offroad accessories for the new Jeep Cherokee KL, and once again we're the first to provide a true winch mounting system and bumper kit as well.


When you're checking out the photos of our awesome looking system with the winch included, what you cannot see in these photos of the outside of the Jeep is THE MEAT of the Rocky Road winch mounting kit. This is completely tucked inside and behind the factory plastic bumper shell.

Your factory plastic bumper shell is currently mounted to a steel frame, which then attaches to the actual frame of your Jeep. Our kit completely replaces that steel bumper frame and provides a new heavy duty steel frame which also includes the new winch mounting provisions. The Rocky Road winch mounting kit comes with the necessary mounting/hardware in addition to the *factory hardware when your stock steel bumper frame is removed and replaced.Jeep Cherokee winch-bumper kit

Pictured at right is the mounting frame and new crossmember
for the winch and bumper included in our Cherokee Winch Mount kit.

The Rocky Road Winch mount kit is a full bolton system. No need to do metal-work, fabrication, or welding to your Jeep.... Though of course as you can see from the photos, an opening does need to be cut into the bumper face itself for the winch cable. While this kit is designed to be do-able by experienced at home do-it-yourselfers, having a body shop or mechanic perform the installation may be helpful. The kit includes a detailed instruction manual with lots of pictures to help make the installation run as smoothly as possible. 

PLEASE NOTE: 6cylinder engine Jeeps have a VERY tight fit with the winch. You MUST purchase a Warn M8000 winch for this kit. The models on this webpage have a slightly smaller clutch drum than all other winches on the market, and so is the only one with the clearance to fit on your 6cyl Jeep without modification to the winch itself!



Click pic for a larger view, 2014-2018 Bumpers
2014+ Cherokee bumper with winch
Winch Mount, Bumper bar, Brush Bar+Skidplate,
Warn lights
Jeep Cherokee Winch bumper kit
Winch Mount, Bumper bar, Brush Bar +Skidplate, IPF Square lights
2014 Cherokee bumper offroad lights
Winch Mount, Bumper bar, round lights
Cherokee Trailhawk bumper kit
Bumper Bar kit & Brush Bar/Skidplate without winch, plus
IPF Square lights

Cherokee Trailhawk bumper kit

Trailhawk Bumper Bar kit, no winch. Light tabs still included on all Bumper/Brush Bar) kits.

2014 Cherokee bumper with lights

Winch Mount, Bumper bar and IPF square lights (no Brush Bar/Skidplate installed)

KL Cherokee Bumper kit (not trailhawk)

NON-Trailhawk Bumper Bar, no winch, with optional IPF rectangular lights.


NON-Trailhawk, Winch Bumper & optional Brush Bar/Skidplate. NOTE:Only the Warn VR8000 can be used on Non-Trailhawks

Click pic for a larger view, 2019+ Bumpers

2019+ kit with...
Hidden Winch mount
Bumper Bar (includes upper brush bar & light mounting).

2019+ kit with...
Hidden winch mount
Basic Bumper (no upper bar or light bar)
Brush Bar Skidplate (includes light mount tabs)

2019+ kit with...
Hidden winch mount
Basic Bumper (for a minimalist look... no upper bar or light tabs)
If you have a 2019+ Non-Trailhawk and would like to volunteer for a winch and bumper system design, please email us.

Winch Bumper kits for Jeep Cherokee, 2014 and newer

First thing to know about Rocky Road Bumper kits is that the winch mount is not mandatory.
You can install the bumper kits to the stock plastic bumper if you wish. You MUST understand though that the bumper kits will be more "for show" if installed this way. You will only be able to mount lights to the kits. You will not be able to pull another vehicle, or be pulled by another vehicle (without the winch mount). The Brush Bar and skidplate will only be for very light duty use...

CONVERSELY, if you install a Rocky Road Bumper kit WITH the winch mount, then you will have a strong, heavy duty bumper system which you can use to be pulled with in a controlled manor, or to strap other vehicles to (no yanking recommended). Additionally the Brush Bar kits gain extra strength to help protect your Jeep from impacts such as deer or other unfortunate wildlife encounters on the road, or stout branches and such on the trail. 

DESIGN: When you purchase this bumper system, you can be assured it's been designed to suit your vehicle. This kit was engineered by hand, and precision cut using the latest CAD equipment, taking all aspects of the vehicle into consideration. The front of the vehicle was carefully assessed to determine the height of the winch, mounting strength, wiring and cooling lines and hoses, vulnerable equipment and panels, radiator air flow etc. 

QUALITY: The other most obvious feature that sets Rocky Road equipment apart is the quality. Quality of material, quality of manufacture, quality of finish. Our commitment to quality is visible in every accessory we manufacture.  

FINISH: To ensure your investment is properly protected, all Rocky Road kits are treated with a chemical wash, high temperature powdercoat application, and a sealing system.

We receive questions about the full steel replacement bumpers sometimes, there are serious reasons why we do not offer these kits and it is all based around the very heavy weight of those bumpers.
We tested the equivalent loads of a full steel bumper on the front of the Jeep and the springs squatted, the vehicle would dive in front going into corners, handling changed much for the worse, even emergency braking maneuvers suffered.
The full steel bumper was simply something we didn't feel was safe.
Yes, they look cool online, but once you buy and install one of those kits, and you feel that handling change, see the front end sagging... It's really 'not good', and unsafe in our opinion.
The Rocky Road kits do NOT overload the suspension and handling and are perfect for your Jeep.


Jeep Cherokee Hidden Winch Bumper Bar / Brush Bar Kits

The most well-liked RRO setup on any vehicle we offer is our Bumper Bar kit + the Brush Bar Prerunner Skidplate...

The Brush Bar Skidplate is the push-bar looking kit shown in the photos at right which also has a Prerunner Skidplate built in for the KL Cherokee. Not only is it functional as a great brace and impact plate, this awesome push bar on the front of your Jeep will give it a VERY tough offroad look. It really transforms the look of your Jeep from standard SUV, to that of a trail-ready offroad MACHINE... whether you plan to take it offroad or not.  

Our standard Bumper Bar and Brush Bar kits both come with light mounting already included. We recommend the IPF lights or Warn lights which are displayed in the photos above. The space is limited and how a light mounts fore and aft can make it fit, or not. These are the 2 light kits which we have tested and can guarantee will work. We did try other brands which did NOT work. The IPF and Warn lights are a slim-profile which allows them to be mounted where many others will not fit.

For 2019+ owners, we have our Basic Bumper for those who wish a minimalist look. This is the winch bumper, but no upper brush bar or light mounting tabs included.

6CYL JEEP OWNERS should note that running a winch will require the winch control box to be mounted in the center of the bumper (see photos above). If you are wanting to install extra lights, our Brush Bar kit has several light mounting positions (not visible in the photos) so you can run the lights off to the sides a little bit and not interfere with the winch control box. 


DNA does a great job of walking you thru the bumper/winch installation on a KL Cherokee in this 3 part YouTube series.
Check it out and give them a thumbs up for a really well done video!


NON-Trailhawk winch and bumper kits.

Same winch mounting system as our proven Trailhawk series, but the bumpers and Brush Bar kits for NON-Trailhawk Jeeps do demand a different shape.
These kits will fit all NON-Trailhawk model Cherokees, 2014 and newer.

Cherokee Bumper kits can be run with or without a winch system, same as the Trailhawk series bumpers.


PLEASE NOTE:  NON-TRAILHAWK winch systems are recommended to use the Warn M8000. The fit is VERY tight for a winch on this vehicle with clearance less than 1/4".
The Warn M8000 is THE ONLY winch that will physically fit onto NON-Trailhawk Cherokees without winch modification. Any other winch we have tested, is too large!



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CHEROKEE Winch Mounting Kits
Cherokee Bumper Kits,
        for winch mount above
Cherokee Bumper Kits,
        If you do NOT want winch mounting
Heavy Duty winches with free shipping

      Free shipping available ONLY with purchase of a Rocky Road Winch kit.

RECOMMENDED: Wire Fit Kit for WARN VR/EVO winches.

     This wire extension kit is highly recommended for ease and flexibility of mounting the winch
     control box for the VR and EVO model winches. Without this kit, your wires may be too short.

        *Fairlead Mounted License Plate Holder
        *IPF Lights - As pictured on our bumpers above
       Winch Cover plate

        If you don't want a winch, use this small plate to cover the
        winch cable opening on our various bumper kits

The world has discovered that Rocky Road parts are the absolute best on the planet. As a result of the somewhat overwhelming demand at this time for our kits, there can sometimes be a few weeks turnaround time. Please bear with us and understand sometimes the best things in life take just a little longer