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Extended Jeep Brake Lines, DOT Approved


Stainless steel lines? Sure, they're cheap and that cheap price makes them look awful attractive. We've used them and had them fail more than once. We've seen stainless lines fail a number of times on the trail. Even had a stainless line fail on a drive home on the highway.... now that was scary. There is one reason and ONLY one reason why 4x4 shops sell stainless steel lines... higher profits. Doesn't have anything to do with sales tactis on "spongy" brakes, or brake pedal "feel", or any of the marketing pitch from these places. Stainless lines are more profitable since they are cheap. Bottom line.

jeep brake linesSafety is exactly the reason why our shop and other quality shops that actually care more for customer safety than 'making the sale' exclusively use DOT rubber brake lines. Stainless steel lines are about 1/3 the cost of rubber lines. So why don't any automobile manufacturers anywhere on the planet use stainless steel lines??? Because they've done the research and found them un-safe! Otherwise, every vehicle on the planet would come with stainless lines from the factory since they are so cheap.

So, we are very proud to offer DOT extended rubber brake lines for all CJ's and YJ Wranglers (thru 1995). We are also proud to be the first to offer DOT rubber brake lines for the JK Wranglers (2007 and up). These are legal anywhere in the world, and all 50 states. They're also much safer for your and your family than stainless lines. Good for suspension lifts up to 5" tall!


Picture shows our JK Brake line kit with necessary mounting fittings.
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Be smart, look past the price tag at how much your life and the lives of your passengers are worth, and pick up a quality rubber line instead of the very cheapest thing on the planet that even 3rd world countries don't install on their vehicles, those stainless lines.

Our brake lines meet or exceed Federal Standards to ensure performance and safety, while providing longer hose life, exceptional durability and ease of installation. They utilize premium fittings to ensure a good hydraulic seal.

CJ 72 and up
YJ Wrangler thru 1996
JK Wranglers, 2007 and newer



Extended Jeep Brake Lines