H4 Offroad Factory Headlight / Headlamp replacements 



These H-4 headlamps replace your factory headlight with a double coated lens 3/8" hardened polished glass for extreme strength against rocks and chips and against high heat situations. The lens is prism and column cut. Other H4 lights exist on the market, and we've experimented with a few different brands, the IPF lights are by far the best light pattern and chip resistant of the bunch. These are no better H4 lights than IPF.

These incredible lights turn the night into day when you are driving and provides a sharp cutoff which means these lights shine less into the eye of oncoming drivers than your factory lights, while providing a dramatic increase in nightime visibility on the highway, and off to the shoulder. The very best H4 light available.



Pictured to the right are factory headlights on the right. On the left are the IPF H4 lights with the IPF 4x41 bulbs. Notice the difference in not only brightness, but also the pattern. The H4 lights have a very sharp cutoff which keeps them out of the eyes of oncoming drivers.

Photo courtesy of 'Jeepin.com'


IPF H4 lights fit any vehicle that take a standard sealed halogen beam in 7" round or 5x7 rectangular which means, Wranglers, CJ's, Cherokees, Samurais, Landcruisers, many Toy pickups, Scout, some full size pickups, and many standard automotive applications. These lights excel in any vehicle you own.

Check out the installation article of some IPF H4's at with excellent before and after shots at






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IPF H4 Lenses
H4 Bulb kits
Heavy Duty Wiring Harness





Fatboy Bulb

- H4 12V 60/80W

- Optical equivalent to 190W low beam/
150W high beam output

- Uses an exotic high pressure gas mix contained in a
huge clear bulb envelope for unrivaled performance

- Employs a filament stabilizer rod to extend life in harsh conditions

- Available in single and twin packs

IPF Bulb

- Available in 55/60W, 80/110W, and 100/170W

- High quality bulbs available in different configurations

-55/60W bulb kits compatible with all stock wiring

- 80/110 and 100/170 wattage units designed to be used with
performance wiring looms and compatible headlight units

- 100/170W developed specifically for race applications

- Available in single packs



IPF Headlight Harness

If you're looking to run bulbs 'hotter' then the factory 55/60w setup, you should plan on upgrading your wiring harness.
Keep it safe and simple with this plug in harness from IPF. It draws power straight from the battery and bypasses all
factory wiring to power your lights. The relays are triggered by your factory headlight switch for ease of use.
Everything plugs right in, no splicing or jury-rigging to beef up your headlight system.
This is the most simple and reliable kit on the market for any vehicle.





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