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K&N High Performance Filter systems for Jeep Grand Cherokee.


The World's Best Flowing, Best Filtering, High Performance "Street-Legal" Air Filtration System by K&N.

Better Acceleration
Increases Power (up to a 26 HP gain)
Filter is Washable and Reusable
Will NOT Void Vehicle Warranty
Lasts up to 50,000 miles before service is required
Replaces OEM Filter and Air Box
CARB Approved
10 Year / Million Mile Limited Warranty
Works with Original Equipment Manufacturer Computer Systems

In the K&N tradition of engineering power, the K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kit (FIPK) dramatically reduces intake restriction as it smooths and straightens air flow. This allows your vehicle's engine to inhale a larger volume of air than the OEM air filter assembly. More air means more usable power and torque throughout the engine's RPM range. FIPKs are designed to replace the original air filter case without jeopardizing important emission standards. Exempted by the California Air Resource Board, FIPKs make it possible to experience the rapid acceleration of enhanced air flow while meeting the tough emissions standards of CARB. These FIPKs are washable, reusable and backed by K&N's unique 10 year Million Mile Limited Warranty.


The FIPK was designed to promote performance in fuel injected stock engines by creating air filtration with the least resistance in air flow. The benefit of low resistance air filters can be felt directly in throttle response. In addition to the filter, these kits have uniquely designed adapters. These adapters create a radius entry which reduces restriction and allows the engine to ingest an even greater volume of air. To design such an assembly, two factors must be considered: the air filtering element and the air filter adapter.

The FIPK combines a precision high flow K&N air filter element with other necessary components, depending on the specific application. K&N's Generation II represents yet another evolution in air intake technology. These break-through engineering designs contain all the performance improvements you expect from K&N - but with even greater benefits.

What is truly remarkable about the Generation II kits is that they consistently achieve incredible horsepower gains even under varying atmospheric conditions. This process is accomplished by replacing the entire air intake tract, thus isolating the cold air and directing the air through this truly unique chamber delivery system. This process may or may not include a heat shield. In fact, during testing on a Jeep Grand Cherokee we had repeat gains of 26.3 horsepower. We also have dyno test results showing torque increases through the towing ranges of no less than 23 ft. lbs. 



FIPK installed in Cherokee. Photo and letter courtesy of Rocky Road customer, Mike Watkins.

"As far as power gains: It's worth every penny! I noticed it pull so much harder now than it ever did before. It accelerates effortlessly to 100 M.P.H. now, where before it started to peter out at about 95 or so...right at about 4200 RPM in 3rd gear. Now, that RPM is the "sweet spot" and it really wakes up there!"

Best Intake kit for Grand Cherokee

Replacing the OEM factory air cleaner assembly with a precision engineered K&N FIPK or the Generation II, will provide fully maximized air flow potential, creating an instant throttle response to please any performance enthusiast. Because they meet the standards of the CARB, FIPKs come with a high temperature label that contains an E.O. number. FIPKs are the results of K&N's Engineering vision and excellence: the vision to create environmentally sound performance products and the excellence to stand behind those products. To ensure all the power and performance that your fuel injected stock engine is capable of giving, install a high quality K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kit and feel the power in the air! What does this mean to you? You get better acceleration, instant power, and ease in lane changing and passing even while towing by installing our FIPK Generation II. K&N gives you performance that will last for 10 years or one million miles, and we guarantee it!

This isn't some metal tube with a filter stuck on the end, this is a precision tuned filtration system designed to maximize mileage and engine power. Silly little turbo-tornado-twister tube things can't begin to compete with this incredible tuned system. In a nutshell, you get what you pay for. The K&N FIPK delivers real power.

K&N FIPK System



Grand Cherokee K & N Filters.

One step down from the complete FIPK system is the Factory replacement K&N Filter kit. An excellent upgrade to the factory intake system. The secret lies in the K&N Filtercharger's unique design....

Conventional filters use paper or foam material permeated with millions of tiny, irregular passages, that screen dirt particles out of the air. Because dirt particles are trapped inside the passages, they eventually clog; and when this occurs, airflow restriction increases dramatically. With the K&N, a special cotton fabric is sandwiched between the pleated aluminum screen wires. The pleated design provides five times more filtering surface over the element circumference. The cotton/screen wire filter media is then saturated with a formulated air filter oil. This is a factory filter replacement so it does not affect smog inspections as tube-arm style filter kits do. Fully 50-state smog legal. The K&N filter is an easy way to get a little extra power boost from your engine. K&N filterchargers are also a lifetime filter and will never need to be replaced. Comes with a 1,000,000 mile warranty!

Jeep Grand, K&N Filter kit