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Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD Diesel Power Module

Grand Cherokee Diesel Module kit, 3.0l

Diesel optimization has under gone major transformations over the years. The recent advent of digital technology has produced the Diesel Power DIGI series of plug and play tuning modules. Depending on the module required for your vehicle...

In addition to more power, our initial tests indicate approximately 3% better highway fuel economy. Overall drivability and responsiveness is improved especially on vehicles with automatic transmissions. Turbo lag is reduced and that burst of speed you need for a sudden lane change is there. When towing, getting up to highway speeds and maintaining mph on hills is dramatically improved. Our tests show an approximate 8% to 10% increase in fuel economy when towing or carrying heavy loads. With more torque, shifting is much more positive with less downshifting on hills.

This quality German engineered product will not only increase your towing and carrying capabilities but your driving pleasure as well. Diesel Power specializes only in diesel technology and as a result they have developed a quality product that is TUV and CE certified. The manufacturer of this excellent CRD diesel power system has sold over 100,000 units worldwide and are known as the leader their industry. We are so confident in this product, that we offer a 3 year replacement warranty on workmanship and or electronic failure. Modules come complete with a plug and play wiring harness, which uses original factory connectors that plug directly into the factory wiring harnesses and/or sensors. Some modules for older technology vehicles will require minor hard wiring. Click on the Dyno Graphs button on the left to view dyno test results. Tuning modules are also know as Power Chips, Computer Chips and Power Modules. All competing products increase horsepower and torque but this diesel power product is one of the least invasive. For more information about tuning module applications, use the How It Works link to the left or give us a call at 503-692-0846.

Gain 20% to 30% more horsepower and torque.

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Click on the picture for detailed installation instructions with photographs. This truly is a do-it-yourself installation.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel power kit

Almost every tuning product on the market relies on modifying multiple operating parameters to increase engine performance. They create additional horsepower and torque by raising the turbo boost, fuel pressures and by modifying other operating parameters. When modifying multiple parameters, it is extremely difficult to maintain the smooth linear curves required for good drivability. It is almost impossible to map all the points on multiple linear curves. Because not all points are mapped on each parameter curve, gaps between the points along the curves conflict with each other and create programming issues. You may produce lots of horsepower and torque, especially just off idle, but you may get flat spots during acceleration or may suffer lack of performance at the top end of the rpm range. Multiple parameter modifications can also create drivability issues. Slight hesitations during light acceleration and subtle surges at constant speeds are the usual complaints. You also get excessive Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT), pre-mature component wear and in many cases poor fuel economy.

This diesel power product is specifically designed to work by modifying only one parameter, the fuel injection pulse. Because you are working with just one parameter, you can do a thorough job of mapping the entire linear curve. This results in outstanding drivability, manageable horsepower and better fuel economy.

The CRD Tuning Module is engineered for common rail injection systems and provides excellent performance and drivability. It installs at the fuel rail pressure sensor. Installation is plug and play and takes only a few minutes depending on your vehicle. It only modifies the fuel rail pressure sensor signal to the ECU and no other signals. This "logical thinking" module does not necessarily always modify the signal to increase fuel supply. It can leave the fuel supply at normal levels as well. The fuel supply is increased by increasing the fuel injector pulse width and not by increasing fuel pressure. There is no signal or change to the fuel supply pumps, fuel supply pressures, turbo boost or other operating parameters. The module increases the injector pulse width (or length of time the injector sprays) based on fuel pressure change in the fuel rail. Not every change in fuel pressure triggers an increase of the injector pulse width and the addition of fuel. This is why the Tuning Module is fuel efficient. If you desire, the module is adjustable and can be run at lower settings providing less hp and torque increases. If you prefer to use the module only under certain driving conditions, you can effectively turn the module off by setting it to 0 or by removing the unit and installing the supplied bypass module to return to the factory settings. This can be done in the matter of a minute.


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