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High Flow Grand Cherokee Air Filter Kit

Oh yeah.... We don't even have to tell you how cool this kit looks. What we do have to tell you is that at highway RPM's you'll get a power boost from this awesome air-flow system. Easy flow air delivery through a conical hi flow filter gives your engine that extra pep you crave. Built TOUGH to withstand the most serious of offroad situations!

Available now for certain Grand Cherokees is the AIRAID intake kit.

Much more than a simple tube with a filter stuck on the end. In the automotive performance industry, it is widely known that unless the filter assembly is isolated from exhaust heat, you will get no power gains no matter how much you open up the breathing capability. In fact, you can even reduce your engine's performance with some simple tube and breather arm filter assemblies.

Exclusive "Cross-Link" injection molded polyethylene air-box adapter dramatically improves airflow. This system produces up to 8 horsepower and lots of mid-range torque, compared to stock vehicles. All kits include our specially designed splash shield, making them perfect for the serious off-road enthusiast. Benefits include: add 8 hp over stock, splash shield for water protection for the serious off roader, hi-flow cone filter design, frees up space in the engine compartment, easy 30 minute installation, detailed instructions included.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Airaid Filter system 



 PLEASE NOTE: Airaid is undergoing restructuring at this time. Kits will be unavailable during this period. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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