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Grand Vitara Roof Rails, steel and Heavy duty!


Grand vitara roof railsRoof Rails for Suzuki Grand Vitara (STEEL!)

Rocky Road steel roof rail kit.
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The Rocky Road rail system is designed for the Suzuki Grand Vitara. As you may be aware with your Suzuki, the flimsy factory rack system makes it very tough to carry additional equipment. Some Grand Vitaras also come from the factory with no rail system on top at all. Well... Rocky Road to the rescue!

Our new beefy steel rail kit bolts directly to the factory mounting points in your roof. It is VERY easy to install. No special tools needed, just wrenches. Everyone can do it themselves. You simply remove the stock plastic roof rails and mounts, and our kit will bolt right into place. Our kits also work for those who have no factory roof rails and want to use the hidden factory mounting points for the installation of a rack system.

Suzuki vitara roof railsOur new steel rails provide a VERY strong mounting system for the top of your Suzuki. Whether you are using our Adventure rack, the Wilderness Safari rack, or any other roof rack mounted systems, our steel rails are an excellent upgrade for your Suzuki.
With our Crossbar kit (or Adventure rack), our rails allow you to mount up most Thule and Yakima accessories, and these kits are excellent for use with Roof Top Tents! Tepui who is a leader in the RTT industry chose Rocky Road Roof Rails and Adventure rack components to run on their own vehicles. Rocky Road racks are used in many of the Tepui photographs for their own company sales literature and web photos. This is because Tepui recognized Rocky Road kits as the best and strongest in our industry for their usage.

Roof rails mounted on 2013 Grand Vitara

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Roof Rail, Roof Rack for Suzuki Grand Vitara

The steel rail system bolts into the factory holes on your vehicle (you just need to remove the slotted inserts on the top of your roof for this). Kits now come with the steel spacers for those oddball vehicles that need a little more spacing off the roof.

Both our steel rail kit and the Adventure rack system are built around a super sturdy 1.25" tube frame. All components easily bolt into place with a convenient Ubolt mounting system. Anyone in possession of a wrench can mount this kit up. All components come in a very durable black powdercoat finish and look excellent next to the factory roof rails. The whole system is UPSable to anywhere in the world.

Side view of the steel roof rail on 2006 Vitara (also equipped with our lift kit and Rockrails).
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We absolutely encourage you to check out our incredible selection of racks (links are below) which compliment our roof rails perfectly. Rocky Road helps you get the most out of your Grand Vitara for any adventure!

Take a look at our unique selection of Rocky Road Adventure racks

Also check out the Wilderness Roof Safari racks.   

Grand Vitarai roof top tentsGrand Vitara / XL7, Roof Top Tent

Rocky Road rail and crossbar kits are perfect for use with nearly all Roof Top Tent kits!!

We are happy to carry the two best RTT tent kits on the market at this time in kits which will perfectly mount to your Suzuki if using the Rocky Road Rails and Crossbar kits... no fishing around for additional mounting pieces or scrambling to whip up your own DIY mounting setup.

Rocky Road is very pleased to offer these tent kits, the racks to support them, and also pleased that TEPUI used our rack kits on their own vehicles to display their tents in various sales literature and online. If you go to the Tepui website, many of the photos showing the tents mounted are using Rocky Road rack systems!

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Suzuki Grand Vitara Roof Rails

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Grand Vitara Roof Rails

Note: For use on base model vehicles that do not have a factory roof rail system already in place. 


Vitara roof rack

Werner Gruenert Says he is loving his new roof system from Rocky Road.
We love his cool wooden kayaks!!

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