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2006-2014 Grand Vitara Old Man Emu Lift Kits

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Grand Vitara Old Man Emu

Grand Vitara lift kit, Old Man Emu - OME

Rocky Road only offers the best of the best of the best.... and that goes for lifts too! So for your vehicle, we proudly offer Old Man Emu suspensions.

Simply put, OME is the very best lifted spring you can put on your vehicle be it Suzuki, Geo, Jeep, Toyota, Land Rover, or anything else for that matter.

Click for larger image on this nice 2dr from France

You don't need to spend over a thousand bucks to turn your rig into and on and offroad performance machine. Forget those overly expensive suspensions packed with restickered springs and shocks. Old Man Emu suspensions get you there with minimal hassle, minimal cost, minimal hype, yet MAXIMUM performance.

Why are OME suspensions simply the best on the planet?

These are not some stiff spring with some California retail shop's name slapped on them. Other springs ride stiff and some in depth web research will show this. Old Man Emu springs are known as the best in the world and for good reason. The OME springs also come in various spring rates so you can dial in your own comfort level. Our competition says one size fits all.


Grand Vitara Old Man EmuWhy is Old Man Emu the best for Grand Vitaras?

For Grand Vitaras, choices for suspension systems are very limited. Old Man Emu is a great choice for those who want a small lift using new springs.

Picture of the ARB Grand Vitara which made an appearance at the 2010 Overland Expo.

Grand Vitara Old Man EmuFor more interesting and engineering information on the OME springs, shocks, and struts, click on the OME logo to head over to our OME full webpage.

PLEASE NOTE: Spring rates are based on Rocky Road charts, experiences, testing, and may vary from OME's published generic information. We're using real world test data to provide the best fit and choice to our customers. If you want a specific part number that may differ from our own R&D, call in to place your order and specify.

Rocky Road will always be committed to bringing you the best products and service. Find out why we are a leader in ARB sales throughout the world. Contact us with your best deal, and we'll try and beat it! Please call or email us for the Rocky Road Pricing Policy regarding any ARB or OME products or for questions regarding international, Alaska, or Hawaii shipping.

Grand Vitara OME COMPLETE suspension kit options

OME Struts and shocks. Undisputed as the best engineered suspension component on the market, these kits contains all OME springs and all OME struts/shocks. The cost is a bit more, as the very best always does cost a bit more, but this is THE top suspension on the market for your vehicle.GR2 strut

Rocky Road Engineered rear shocks. We've been around Suzukis and Geos for awhile and have designed a shock perfect for the moderate weight of our Suzukis. Our shocks not only ride soft though, they are a great long travel shock that won't hold up your suspension flex.

 GR2 Front strut option. Our GR2 upgrade gas shocks and struts are affordably priced, twin tube designs that blend a smooth ride quality with enhanced road control. A low-pressure gas charge and patented check valve minimize foaming and aeration to help make sure the ride stays consistent, even under rough conditions. When you want to blend like-new vehicle ride qualities with a little more control, while filtering out noise, vibration, and harshness... GR2 is the answer!




Grand Vitara OME Lift 

If you find a lower price on Old Man Emu components, we won't just meet it...we'll beat it!

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Front OME Coil Spring
Front OME Strut
Rear OME Coil Spring
Rear OME Shock/strut

Grand Vitara Old Man Emu Lift Kits Select rate Click to add to cart
Grand Vitara OME Suspension, 1" lift
COMPLETE OME Grand Vitara OME Suspension, 1" lift -
     OME Long Travel shocks & struts included.
COMPLETE GR2 Grand Vitara Suspension, 1" lift -
     GR2 Long Travel struts & shocks included.



We also offer a great line of taller suspensions featuring Old Man Emu springs and struts. Make sure to visit our regular suspension page for more information on these systems. Click