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The Rocky Road 2 1/8" Grand Vitara Lift

2006 and newer, also fits Suzuki XL7, 2007+ 2nd Gen



Always on the forefront of the Suzuki aftermarket, Rocky Road proudly introduces the very first suspension lift available for the unibody Grand Vitara, 2006 and newer. This awesome system allows you to easily bolt-on 2.125" of lift to your vehicle. No need for a professional installation with specialized equipment. Rocky Road enginered this system so those who want to do the installation on their own can do so easily in their own garage.


grand vitara lift grand vitara lift

   Klaus Pardo's Rocky Road lifted Grand Vitara
The Beautiful shots were taken in Perúvian Andes. The region known as Huraz en el "callejón de Huaylas".
In the
Huascaran National Park


Best Grand Vitara Lift on the Market...

Our photos can't really do justice to how great this vehicle looks with some lift and beefier tires, but you can begin to get the idea.

Installs quickly (our complete install time is roughly 50 minutes). Anyone handy with a set of wrenches can install this system. No special tools needed. Also, any alignment shop can use camber bolts or a number of other items with our system to put you right back to factory spec!

Clearance is the main reason we started work on this system. The Grand Vitara has pretty much the worst undercarriage clearance of any vehicle in its class... much less anything with 4WD. Even Subaru cars can get you further down a dirt road than a stock Grand Vitara. To us, that is just blasphemy! So whether you are looking get a little more daylight under your rig for some offroading adventure, or just want to make your little Suzuki into a head-turning mean machine, Rocky Road gets the job done. No vibrations, no bad CV angles, nothing but the same excellent ride quality you've always had.... just a bit taller.

grand vitara liftDon't just take our word for it though. "", the hottest online resource for the new Grand Vitara gave us a screaming review on the installation of the Rocky Road kit on their project rig. For more information on their experience, click on the Metatrox project GV photo to the right.

Maximum recommended tire size (won't rub with most brands of tires) is 245/75/r16.

 Click photo to check out the lift installation review at Metatrox.



Grand Vitara Lift Contains:

Front Strut spacers. Our lifetime warranty steel spacers don't change or modify your ride quality. You get all the lift without any downsides. Very easy to install, they bolt right onto the top of your strut assembly. Extremely easy to install and no spring compressor or strut compressor is necessary.

Rear coil spacers. Again, our lifetime warranty coil spacers give you the perfect amount of lift without any reduction in ride quality or comfort. Only minutes to install.

grand vitara lift Rocky Road Engineered rear shocks. We've been around Suzukis and Geos for awhile and have designed a shock perfect for the moderate weight of our Suzukis. Our shocks not only ride soft though, they are a great long travel shock that won't hold up your suspension flex. This lift kit is only available with rear shocks included. May not be purchased without rear shocks.

Jerry Bowling having some fun on 'Rattlesnake' in his lifted Grand Vitara. If you're not sure your GV can tackle tough trails... you just need to spend an afternoon with Jerry to dispell that myth right out of your head.

Jerry also runs our Rock slider kit.


GR2 strut GR2 Front strut option. Our GR2 upgrade gas shocks and struts are affordably priced, twin tube designs that blend a smooth ride quality with enhanced road control. A low-pressure gas charge and patented check valve minimize foaming and aeration to help make sure the ride stays consistent, even under rough conditions. When you want to blend like-new vehicle ride qualities with a little more control, while filtering out noise, vibration, and harshness... GR2 is the answer!

Be sure to check out our other excellent offerings for your 06+ model Grand Vitara. The Rocky Road Adventure rack and steel rail system has been around for years available for other vehicles and is now available for your Suzuki as well. You can view the information and pictures on this rack by clicking

And another very popular kit which is a MUST for anyone who actually takes their Suzuki offroad is our Rockrail and Superslider protection kits. You can view the kit for your Suzuki by clicking  




2006-2014 Grand Vitara lift kits

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Lift kits for Grand Vitara & Long Travel shocks
Lift kits for Grand Vitara, Long Travel shocks, GR2 Struts
Optional Cam Alignment Bolts

Please note: Some Grand Vitaras in Europe and Asia may come with an automatic headlight positioning system. If you have this
on your vehicle, you may need to make a small spacer plate for the sensor.


grand vitara lift
grand vitara lift
grand vitara lift

 Don't drool too much...
Karel Doosje and his team at Automotive Innovations in the Netherlands
took this Grand Vitara project to the extreme for the Netherlands Auto Show
using our suspension lift, among many of their own custom modifications of

Who was the one single shop they came to for suspension equipment?
Yes... Rocky Road Outfitters

Now we can't guarantee your Vitara will look this cool with our components
installed... but at least it won't look like the Mazda MPV mini-van anymore
either :^)