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Grand Cherokee Control arm kits

Available for ALL Grand Cherokee Jeeps

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Grand cherokee control arm

Grand Cherokee Control Arms

Grand Cherokee control arms serve the purpose of helping to achieve proper alignment specifications and axle position when a Jeep is lifted. Not really mandatory until you get over 4.5" of lift, some people still do very much prefer control arms for lifts at or above 3". Once you go above 4.5" of lift lift, they are required.

Every suspension company on the planet offers control arms. So... what sets ours apart from everyone else? Price, engineering, and guarantee.

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Fixed Lower Control Arm kits.

Adjustable Upper control arm

Our Johnny Joint Control arms.
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Picture of the rear upper WJ Ylink spacer kit.

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ZJ Grand Rear Trackbar mount. The BEST way to correct rear axle alignment for lifts 3" and higher.

WK2 front upper control arms, 2011 and newer

WK Grand Front Upper Control Arms, 2005-2010.

Rocky Road Grand Cherokee Control Arms

Our Grand Cherokee control arms have a lifetime guarantee never to bend or dent. If they do, send it back and we will replace the arm for you. As a result of the extremely heavy duty DOM tubing we use on our arms though, this has never and will never happen... ever. Stronger Grand Cherokee control arms.. you will not find. Similar strength, you may find... but not with a lifetime guarantee.


Grand Cherokee Control Arm Engineering

Engineering... note an important design feature on our control arms you don't see on many others. We shape all of our Grand Cherokee control arms for additional clearance to the mounting pocket on the axle. This corrective angle is a far better design than the straight control arms you find most other places. Straight arms are cheaper to produce for sure which is why the competition keeps them straight. Problem is, they don't pass that savings on to you. So you are paying for cheaply engineered straight control arms, but without the price break. We engineer our Grand Cherokee control arms with the contour bend, gusseted reinforcing, and with a still lower price.

Grand Cherokee Control Arm Price

Price... compare. Since we are the manufacturer and not just a dealer reselling parts, you have eliminated at least one, if not more than one middle man. So while our prices are the best, this doesn't mean your are not getting the very best for your money. You've just shown you're smart enough to buy manufacturer direct instead of paying-up a string of wholesale middle-men. At Rocky Road, the best can, and does, cost less. And buying manufacturer direct, shows you are a highly intelligent Jeeper

We at Rocky Road understand that different Jeepers have different needs and sometimes more importantly, different budget constraints... which is why we offer several different Grand Cherokee control arm kits. We have kits to fit any Jeep, and any Jeeper's budget. Check out our selections below. If you have any questions on any of our kits, please feel free to email us or use our online chat service during our regular business hours.


Grand Cherokee Control Arm Options

Fixed Control Arms

The most economical kit and really the most common you will see out and about on road and trail. A great kit for Jeepers who want a new control arms system at the best price. The kits use greasable bushings at each end and are tuned and set at the ideal length and shape for 3.5"-5" lifts. For most Jeeps in this lift range, front and rear fixed lower control arms are the most popular choice.


Grand Cherokee Adjustable Control Arms

These great kits provide a little more flexibility for the Jeeper who wants to set their own pinion angles and alignment. Same great guarantee as all our control arms. These kits can be used for lifts in the 3-7" height range. Perfect for those who may want to add a little more lift later on. One control arm to suit the whole range. While lower control arms are the most common kit for lifts to 4.5", upper control arms help move the axles fore and aft which creates more space for better fitting of oversized tires. Upper and lower adjustable control arms are a good choice for many Jeepers running these BIG tires as a result.


Deluxe - Adjustable Control Arms with Johnny Joints

These kits offer the supreme flexibility, durability, and strength of the famous Johnny Joint. Adjustable to fit Jeeps lifted from 3-7". These kits will provide you with the safe and stable highway ride you would expect, but also incredible bind-free suspension flex that you certainly would never expect. Our kits are using the same Johnny Joints you find on the alot of the most expensive control arm kits selling at $270-400 a pair! Since you are buying manufacturer direct with Rocky Road though, our prices kick all other's butts.

This system uses a fixed bushing on one end and Johnny Joint lower. Why not 2 Johnny Joints? Its wasteful. You get just as much flex with the special Joint on one end as both, you save some money. On top of that, the bushing end actually helps absorb impacts better to make the vehicle ride smoother than a heim fitting (Johnny Joint) on both ends. Our Johnny Joint arms feature a MASSIVE 1 1/4" hardened fine thread fitting. Sold with the jam nut for a positive lock on your length. Or, some guys like to have no jam nut for just a little more twist. You can spin the jam nut back for the trail. Any way you slice it, our control arms offer the best engineering at the best value!

The Rocky Road Deluxe Grand Cherokee Control Arm kits offer the very best components on the planet. Our customers for these are typically the well-educated Jeeper who has done their homework and knows they are buying the best kits for a better price than anywhere else. The Jeeper that wants only the best with the highest standards for quality and performance, and has a little more room in their budget to choose these over the regular adjustable control arm kits.


Control arms for STRUT equipped Jeeps, 2005 and newer

Replacement kits for stock Jeep Control Arms. Since the stock arms are not serviceable and ball joints do wear out, you either have to b uy a whole new stock control arm (expensive), or you can upgrade to the Rocky Road arms which have ball joints easily found at any auto part store for future servicing. Our lifetime warranty against bending offers incredible durability and peace of mind. These kits are also $150 less than the only other aftermarket arms on the market, yet with superior en gineering and design.



One thing you will NOT find at the Rocky Road manufacturing facility... long arm kits. We've been saying it for years, long arms kits make for great 'trailer-queens', but not for Jeeps driven at highway speeds. They cause your Jeep to turn like a skateboard which is not only spooky and unsettling, but also potentially dangerous. Even tech editors at the popular Jeep magazines have stated the same in head-to-head control-arm comparisons over the years.

If all it took for more suspension flex with no trade-off to safety and stability was longer arms, Jeep engineers would have done this from the factory. Jeep doesn't want millions of lawsuits from dead or maimed Jeepers though and engineered the best, safest system possible. Our control arms kits take their proven design and enhance it so you can feel 100% safe and comfortable in a well handling Jeep... whether its crawling thru huge rocks, blasting thru mud, bouncing up an off-camber hill, or driving on the road to get to work or vacation.

Some shops will sell anything to make a buck, but we at Rocky Road feel your life is worth more than 1-2" of additional suspension flex...
Avoid the long-arm kits.



Grand Cherokee Control Arms

Bottom line... If you've been doing your homework, then you know Rocky Road has the best prices for the best Grand Cherokee control arms on the aftermarket. Going anywhere else for control arm kits is just plain foolish. Our lifetime guarantee against bending or denting ensures you are buying a top-of-the-line set of Grand Cherokee control arms. Rocky Road engineering ensures you are getting the best design. Rocky Road selection means you can find the best to fit your budget. And finally... our pricing proves you can buy the best for less.

PLEASE NOTE: Use of the rear upper adjustable control arms REQUIRES the use of our rear adjustable lower control arms (or the same for the Johnny Joint kits), and use of rear lowers likewise requires the rear uppers.


Jeep Control Arm FREE SHIPPING SALE going on NOW!!!

Grand Cherokee Control Arm kits Select kit Click to add to cart
Fixed control arms and
Rear drop brackets (ZJ & WJ)
Adjustable Control Arms (ZJ only)
Deluxe Johnny Joint Control arms (ZJ only)
Johnny Joint arms are available only for the lowers. We recommend coupling with
our Adjustable uppers in the next slot above for the best engineered combination.
Strut style front upper control arms (2005 and up)
Front upper arms for newer Grand Cherokees to help with alignment issues,
and with replaceable ball joints

 Please note: All our Control arm kits are priced and sold in pairs.