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sidekick tracker installation

Suzuki Sidekick and Geo Tracker Fender Flares
(Also Vitara & Grand Vitara through 2005)



tracker fender flare kit

Geo Tracker / Sidekick fender flare kits

3.5" wider fender flares from Rocky Road Outfitters. Perhaps one of the most 'asked for' kits in our entire history is Fender Flares for the Sidekick and Tracker. You asked (OK, maybe demanded)... Rocky Road delivers!


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Now you've seen the picture....
We don't even have to tell you how cool these things are going to look on YOUR vehicle!
But... we'll give up some more information on them anyway


Geo Tracker/Suzuki Sidekick Fender Flare Design

Engineered to match the trim lines of the vehicle, these easy-to-install Samurai fender flares feature a sleek, curved design for a factory looking installation. They'll really change and upgrade the look of your Tracker/Sidekick in addition to the pratical benefits of having a wider flare for large tires!

The net result is a great looking fender flare that really covers your larger tires, or just gives you extra coverage if your not running big fattys. Rocky Road Sidekick/Tracker flares provide additional tire coverage, helping to keep mud and road debris off the vehicle. They come complete with everything required for quick - easy installation. This includes the mounting hardware, beading strips to help mold the flares to your vehicle seamlessly, and some how-to instructions on doing the job correctly. Kits are also properly "notched" for the fuel filler port as you can see from the photo above

Suzuki Sidekick fender flaresThese fender flares blend with the lines of your vehicle for a terrific look that's bold enough to turn heads, trim enough to go anywhere.

Fender flare kit mounted on a 2door model.
We have kits for both 2 and 4door vehicles.

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The extra width of the Sidekick/Tracker fender flares gives you additional protection from the elements - and an exciting look at the same time. You don't have to honk to get noticed -- with the wide coverage and tough, bold looks of our new Fender Flare kit. Whether you're headed for rugged territory or a night on the town, these flares make a powerful statement with some of the widest tire coverage you can find. They extend 3.5 inches beyond the wheel-well opening, so they're perfect for those aggressive, super-sized tires.

Sidekick-Tracker-Vitara fender flaresUnlike rigid fender flares that may crack or shatter when they come into contact with a trail obstacle, these Sidekick/Tracker fender flares are flexible and pliable. They are made from an attractive, thermo-plastic olefin material. Sidekick/Tracker fender flares come in basic black, or can be painted. The fender flares are also 100% UV resistant.

These kits are a lighter gauge thickness than what you see with standard Bushwacker flares which allows you to conform them to body lines more easily. Once installed, the rigidity increases and they have excellent toughness. The lighter gauge construction we have found also helps to cut the production cost on these kits a good bit, while still being very tough once installed!

Now available for 99-05 models

During installation, you can really fine-tune the closeness of the fit with the bead stripts included in the kit. Trim them or screw in a bit tighter here and there to really hold the flares firm against the body.

No sheet metal cutting is required. But if you wanted to cut your fenders for larger tires, these kits are a great way to finish it off for a nice clean look..

Geo Tracker / Suzuki Sidekick Fender Flare kits.


 PLEASE NOTE: Supplies are limited for these kits. Expect up to a few weeks waiting time from when you order until ship-time.
We thank you for your patience!

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Fender flare kits


 sidekick tracker fender flares

Jeffrey Riplinger sent us this pic of his cool ride with the Fender flares, AND our Kicker sliders!
Painted to match his RV which he also sent us a sweet shot of his ride.

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