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lift installation

Rocky Road Garage Sale

Great equipment taking up too much space!

All Garage Sale parts are subject to availability. First Come, First Served!

If you would like to check stock, please call (888) 801-7271. Some parts may be returns that have been installed, old stock, or superceded by newer models. All sales are final on Garage Sale parts.

Ring and Pinion Gears and Install Kits

Ring and Pinion Gears/Install Kits Select Axle Click to add to cart
Dana axles

PowerTrax No-Slip and Lockright Lockers

Powertrax & Lockright Lockers Select Axle Click to add to cart
Dana axles

Rock Sliders

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Select Shock Select Shock Length Click to add to cart
Doetsch Tech
*Some shocks may have been installed or missing boxes, but will not affect performance.





 Garage sale parts are may be subject to different warranty, ask before ordering if you have any questions.

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