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lexus lift installation

2019+ Old Man Emu Ford Ranger Lift Kit

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Ford Ranger 2.5" Lift Kit

Ford Ranger Lift Kit

Ford Ranger Lift Kit

Ranger Lift Kit

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The new Ford Ranger has a lot going for it. Great power, great mileage, great utility. However, the factory suspension limits its off road capabilities by it's suspension. Installing the Old Man Emu Ford Ranger kit will allow you to fit larger tires, have more ground clearance, and enjoy a much better ride quality.

Ford Ranger Lift Kit Components:

  • Front Coil Springs
  • Front Struts
  • Rear Leaf Springs
  • Leaf Spring Trim Packer
  • Front Struts
  • Rear Shocks
  • Greaseable Spring Hanger Kit
  • Greaseable Shackles
  • Ubolts
  • Leaf Spring Bushings
  • Front Trim Packers
  • Strut Fit Kit

Why Use Old Man Emu on a Ford Ranger?

In the world of quality offroad suspensions, there's Old Man Emu, then there's everything else. OME suspension is all about increased load carrying capacity while balanced with low spring rates for a soft ride, improved handling, comfort and control, and better articulation. All OME suspension items are designed in Australia to meet the demanding conditions found in the bush, and the Australian outback. OME suspensions are simply the best riding and performing springs on the planet.

If you are seeking a super trick suspension to put on a barely-legal competition rockcrawling machine, you'll need to spend your thousands elsewhere. If you are seeking a suspension that provides the best balance between street comfort and offroad performance, look no further. Many suspensions out there are more well recognized due to huge ad budgets, but we've owned and ridden with them and frankly, they all ride brutal. OME suspensions are world famous for their luxurious ride quality. And when the time comes to hit the trail, they flex great rather than stand rigid as most other suspensions do.

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