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SPC Adjustable Ford Ranger Control Arms

2011-2014 (T6)
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Ford Ranger Adjustable Control Arms

Ford Ranger Control Arms

Ranger Control Arms

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Why use SPC Ford Ranger Control Arms

Improve droop travel, drivability and tire wear as well as adjusting tire position in your wheel well with SPC’s adjustable front upper control arms. Featuring an upgraded greaseable ball joint and SpecRide™ bushings, this arm is designed to correct alignment angles while maintaining factory ride quality. SPC's integrated tubular and cast steel designs provide the strength and durability needed for the most demanding environments. These remove and replace arms are sold in pairs.

SPC makes the undisputed best adjustable control arms for lifted vehicles. If you have lifted or leveled your Titan the SPC Titan control arms will allow you to get your alignment back to factory specifications.

SPC Ford Ranger Control Arm Features

  • Patented adjustable ball joint design to dial in Caster and Camber ±3.0°
  • Fully forged steel construction for maximum strength
  • Arm geometry that clears spring bucket for increased droop travel
  • Upgraded greaseable ball joints
  • SpecRide bushings with free pivot for extended travel while maintaining factory standards for noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH)

SPC provided a limited lifetime warranty with their Ranger control arms.