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Ford 8.8 Gears

Ford 8.8 Ring and Pinion Gears

Ford 8.8 Gears
Ford 8.8 Gears
Ford 8.8 Install Kits

Feeling a loss of power with your oversized tires? Changing axle gears is a must to correct for performance losses caused by oversized tires. The key is keeping your engine in it's optimum RPM range for the best performance. Larger tires change the effective gearing on your vehicle, so new ring and pinion gears make sense for larger than stock tires.

Our ring and pinion gears have been installed in hundreds of vehicles with no problems at all. Our Ring & Pinion gears are designed to RUN QUIET and LAST LONGER than any other aftermarket ring and pinion gears. They are easy to set-up and manufactured to meet our highest standards.

Did we mention that they are made in the USA? The prices are awesome as well! Call us now for your gearing needs!

Also check out our Master Overhaul Installation kits. Not required for installation of your gears, but a darn good idea as long as you are already in there setting things up.

All ring and pinion gears come with a 2 year warranty against manufacturer's defects.

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