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durango lift installation

2011-21 Dodge Durango Leveling Kit

Fits 2wd and 4wd Durangos


Dodge Durango Leveling kit

dodge durango lift

dodge durango lift

Leveling Kit

Dodge Durango Leveling Kit Description

One of the main complaints that we hear about the Dodge Durango is about the stance.

Rocky Road to the rescue! We have developed an easy to isntall Durango leveling kit that does not adversely affect the ride quality on your brand new SUV as other leveling kits in the market do.

Our leveling kit involves installing heavy duty metal spacers OUTSIDE of your strut assembly. No need to remove axles, brakes, or to go through the dangerous procedure of removing the coil springs. Installation of the other leveling kits requires disassembly of the strut which means specialized equipment. Those other kits also require a huge increase installation time and cost as a result when compared to the Rocky Road Leveling kit.

The Rocky Road Durango leveling kit brings the front of your vehicle up 1.75 inches for a proper level looking stance... really how SUV should have had the vehicle sitting right from the factory. Please note that this kit is ONLY designed for vehicles with the coil spring suspension. If you have the Quadra-lift airbag suspension, unfortunately nothing can be done to level or to lift your vehicle, sorry :^(

Bottom line, its a nice way to add some extra boost to your front end if the nose-down position is bothering you. Or perhaps if you have added a heavy front bumper system. Or even if your springs are tiring out a bit.

The most common tire size that fits with our Durango leveling kit is 265/65/R18. We highly recommend buying tires locally so they can be test fit before you buy.

You will save over 1 hour of installation time with the Rocky Road kit versus (Rough Country and) other WK2 kits, as our components do NOT require strut disassembly! If you are paying a shop to install your lift, this can easily save $1-200 in your total bill, and those kits also make it impossible to install at home without specialized strut machines.
To reiterate... if you buy those kits to save $10-20 for Chinese made parts, you WILL end up spending $1-200 more for the installation over a Rocky Road kit.

Installation Instructions