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discovery rock slider installation

LR5 Rock Slider and step kits, Discovery 5

& Kicker Rock Sliders.

"If only the Titanic had these on"


Discovery LR5 Rock Slider and Step kits

Rocky Road Discovery Rock Sliders are the creme' de la creme' of the rocker protection world. We use 3/16" inner hitch steel to make sure your bars do NOT bend! Anything other than hitch steel is just plain flimsy.

lr4 rock sliderPictured on a Discovery LR4, Kicker Rock Sliders kit pictured. Kit tucks high for maximum clearance & factory look,
yet incredible side and under-side protection.

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Shopping for rock sliders?

Question 1... do you want cheap sliders which are for show, or ones that will last, and protect?
Question 2... do you want blunt ends on your sliders? So that they ram onto rocks instead of sliding over them?
Question 3... do you want to be able to use a HiLift on your sliders?
Question 4... do you want your rock sliders to look like a high school shop project, or a factory grade finished work of art?

Most other 'rocker style' bars are made from thin 1/8" wall tube material. You'll still pay $500 or more for these light duty rocker bars which are sold as "rock sliders", but they will dent and they can bend if put to test hard enough on the trail. Rocky Road kits are guaranteed NEVER to bend or dent... Guaranteed FOREVER!

Our Rock Sliders have a very sleek rounded look about them as we use genuine inner hitch steel in their construction. Hitch steel is not only very strong, it also has a nice radius corner instead of a hard boxy look. Inner hitch steel is the stuff you use to plug into 2" receiver hitches. Its sheer weight is astronomical as is its bending strength. Our shop press goes to 50 tons and we can't even start to bend them. Do you think a scrawny little rock can hurt these things? Think again!  

LR5 Rock slider and Step kits

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently looking for a vehicle to do the design work for these kits. We typically need a vehicle for about a week, for the design and build program.
Our program is $500 and we design the kit, powdercoat, and install it for you.

If you are in the Northern Utah area, or don't mind bringing your vehicle to us for our design program, please email us for more information and to schedule a time to bring the vehicle in.

The kits will likely be quite similar to the ones we offer for the LR3 and LR$ if you would like to check those out on our website.

As soon as we can get these kits figured out, we will have rock slider kit offerings at under $1000, unlike the current marketplace for these items!! Help us help you!

LR5 Rover Discovery Rockrail and Step kits

Why hitch steel? Why not go with a lesser gauge steel to save production costs? Because we wouldn't trust anything less to protect our 4WD's and neither should you! Besides, since these carry the Rocky Road **lifetime guarantee**, we don't want to have to replace them for you for free every couple years or so. We made them indestructible so they'll last forever and they are guaranteed forever, NEVER to bend on you!  

Our rockrails are very simple to install and are completely 'bolt on'. We use a series of existing mounting holes on the vehicle. Now a few companies who make slider kits for the Disco will use the existing holes found inside the rocker panels when you open your doors. The reason our kit is so superior in mounting strength lies in the backing plates which we also supply... and NO OTHER company does.

As you can see, our rock slider kits tuck in super high and tight for a nice
factory Land Rover look.... pictured on an LR4.

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You will find Rocky Road Rockrails very attractive and will blend in nicely with your stock flares and moldings. The rock sliders run fender to fender and many folks have commented on their very OEM (factory) look. We tuck them very tight to the body to minimize the possibility of getting hung up. These kits also come with a very attractive spacer bracket for the ends of the Rockrails to help fill the gap from the curvature of the Discovery. These bolt-on steel spacer pieces are included with every rock slider kit. 

All Rockrail and Superslider kits come in a sturdy, durable, and very attractive black powdercoat electrostatic and baked powdercoat finish. Rocky Road Rock Sliders are the strongest, thickest, and most protective bars on the market, with best mounting system, and are guaranteed NEVER to bend.

In a nutshell, if you want the very best, you have found it. 


 lr4 rock slider kit

Pictured at left is our LR4 Kicker Rock Slider.
Our Full Cover Kickers give you a full diamond plate cover along the top step of the rock slider.

Click pic for larger view.

The Superslider and Kicker Rock Sliders kits provide an excellent jack point for a Hi-Lift or other style jack and are plenty strong to serve as a jack or side-pull winch point. The Kicker style kit also makes for a nice step for access to roof racks and such with the diamond plate rear section.

Each Superslider and Kicker slider kit mounts identical to the standard Rockrail for the vehicle. It also still features that great looking 45* front and rear edge. Not only good for looks, but alot more practical for trail use than our competition's squared off ends. This is basically the same proven design as our world famous Rockrails, only with the extra slider tube up top.

The extra slider tube up top offers additional side protection on the trail and off the trail. One of our favorite uses of the Superslider is as a bash guard against other swinging doors in a parking. Imagine the dismay of the chump who just threw open his car door only to whack it on the solid steel of your Superslider. He just stuck a nice dent in the edge of his door, your 'sweet baby' still looks cherry!

Nothing protects like the Rocky Road Supersliders and Kicker Sliders.
Enjoy this video of installation and Chris Smith's review on our Land Rover rock slider kit.

Don't just take our word for it, Bill Burke's 4wheeling America uses and highly recommends RRO Rock Slider kits.
These are the very best engineered rock slider protection on the market!! 



Discovery LR5 Rock Slider kits

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The world has discovered that Rocky Road parts are the absolute best on the planet.
As a result of the somewhat overwhelming demand at this time for our kits, there can sometimes be a few weeks turnaround time.
Please bear with us and understand sometimes the best things in life take just a little longer