Extra Parts for Suzuki Samurai Diesel Conversion.


Following is a summary of the extra parts you need to complete your Axis Power VW conversion. This is provided to give the less than experienced user an understanding of what you will need and where you get it.

Starting Point:
We are assuming you are starting with a Samurai that has been lifted a minimum of 3", and you have in your hot little hands a nice VW engine. When we say you have an engine, we assume it includes the major parts detailed below and all the related bolts and gaskets.

Engine Details:
A long block - a standard industry term. It ought to include the following:
   oil pan,
   intermediate shaft,
   front and rear main oil seals,
   water pump,
   head with cam, and valves,
   valve cover,
   front pulley / harmonic balancer
   intake manifold
   exhaust manifold

For Diesel -
   a vacuum pump
   4 injectors with seals
   injection pump
   hi-pressure fuel lines

For Gas -
   a distributor, wires and sparking plugs
   a fuel system (either throttle body or individual injectors, distribution pump and lines

For Turbo Diesel -
   a turbo and turbo oil line.

Extra Parts:
You will need to "obtain" these parts. They can be bought new, some can be found in a salvage yard.
They are separated out by supplier sources:

VW P/N: 056105269
Flywheel for VW Fox which will need to be machined to fit theSamurai starter ring.

VW parts:
   180 deg F thermostat (after market is OK)
   Water outlet housing (on head)

VW P/N 068-121-133
Radiator fan switch (after market is OK) Any of these will work:
VW P/N 823-959-481A (92-87 Deg C rated)
   VW P/N 191-959-481A (95-84 Deg C rated)
   VW P/N 171-959-481A (92-85 Deg C rated)

Water pump pulley - any of these will work:
VW P/N 027-121-031A
   VW P/N 055-121-031C
   VW P/N 027-145-255
   VW P/N 086-621-131M

Oil Filter Adapter (from N/S engine like Quantum or Fox). Either PN below will work.
 VW P/N 086-115-417
   VW P/N 049-115-417

Flywheel bolts (buy new preferred)

Pressure Plate from N/S engine. Clutch for diesel preferred for all applications.

Fuel Filer housing. Used is great, also get hose fittings and bolts that attach to housing.
VW P/N 068-127-401

Clip that holds Throttle cable onto Injector pump.

Diesel only - Glow Plug Relay -
VW P/N 321-911-261C - Slow
   VW P/N 443-911-261C - Fast
   VW P/N 171-911-261C - alt Fast(?)

Parts from other Vehicles:
Starter from 91-93 Geo Storm 1.6L or from 90-93 Isuzu Impulse with Auto Trans This is a
"gear reduction" starter of ~1.8HP.
   Friction Disk from Mitsubishi mirage 94 - 97 Mirage 1.5L, Tredia Turbo, Precis, or 84 - 86
         1.6 Turbo. This is a 7/8" x 20 spline, with 7 7/8" OD.

Parts From Local Auto Parts Store:
Electric Radiator Fan 16" dia, 3 3/8" dp
   Imperial Automotive Products P/N 226116. ~$70 at Auto Zone
    Oil filter
   Oil pan drain bolt and nut to fit. For additional oil pan drain
   Fan belt Non-A/C only - Idler Pulley
   Factory Air P/N 45954
   Rubber "radiator" hoses (various - see detailed instructions in kit)
   Rubber fuel hoses (various - see detailed instructions in kit)
   Rubber vacuum line hoses (various - see detailed instructions in kit)
   Misc. hose clamps
Diesel only
   Steel brake lines for use as fuel lines
 Fuel Filter
          PER 152F
         FF 760

Parts From Local Building Supply Store:
    Copper tubing and fittings for radiator and heater lines
   PVC tubing and glue. For air intake prior to air filter.

Parts from Local Exhaust Shop:
   Adapter pipe
   Tubing / muffler(s) and tail pipe as required. Some or all of your Suzuki system will work.

Recommended Misc. Supplies:
    Anti-seize compound
   Lacquer thinner or other strong solvent
   Gray silicon gasket seal

Recommended Other Parts:
   Diesel only- Block Heater