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cj steering installation

Jeep CJ steering system for lift kit



Lifting a vehicle stretches out steering geometry and causes some peculiar things to happen, especially with taller SOA style lifts, but also with any spring lift in the 4" or taller range. Your steering becomes cockeyed, linkage hits springs, etc. The Z-link puts things back into shape. It is fine-tune adjustable in length to properly align your steering, and can be custom made to fit your lift height.

Are you considering a hack and weld job? STOP! We use all new parts in the construction on our Zlink, no old used stuff. The ball joints are easily found at any auto parts store for future servicing.

We build our Zlinks with .25" thick DOM tubing and gusset the taller ones for extreme strength. We also provide adjustable ends for fine tuning length of your system. The rod ends are serviceable/replaceable and available from any auto parts store for years of trouble free use of your Zlink. Our Zlink bar itself also carries a lifetime guarantee. If it bends, we will replace it. The Zlink does not change the configuration of your stock steering system and so is legal in countries that make this requirement. Ours gets the job done in simple fashion, very inexpensively, and with a lifetime guarantee.


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Jeep CJ lifted steering kit

Other companies have tried to copy our Z-style steering system, but have simply missed the ball on engineering and design. They will simply bend a piece of thin-walled round tube, weld an end to it, and call it good enough.... or worse yet, hack up an old stock steering link and stick you with used parts. Not good enough, nor strong enough for us though! Once the gussets are on our Zlink, even our 24ton shop press cannot bend the Zlink.

Don't be fooled, there is nothing on the market that comes close to the Rocky Road Zlink for quality, strength, and adjustability.

Standard default kit is for full height steering correction for all CJ lifts 5-7.5" tall.


CJ Zlink steering kit


 Wide-track axle is about 46" from rod end to rod end.

Narrow-track axle is about 43" from rod end to rod end.

  Please note: Zlink is not for use on 'Bell Crank' style steering systems.