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cherokee lift installation

Jeep CJ lift kits, suspension systems, shocks, and suspension components



Old Man Emu components for use
with Jeep CJ's, 1976 and newer.
3-3.5" full suspension systems.



Wrangler spring conversion kits
for Jeep CJ's from 1976-86.
DRAMATIC improvements in ride
quality & monster suspension flex.


CJ Bolton Spring Over Axle lift kits.
True bolton setup for easy fit of larger
tires, great ride, mind-blowing
suspension flex.




Swaybar disconnect kits
for your Jeep... any Jeep. Front &
rear kits available. Helps keep the
vehicle stable on the road, flexes
excellent offroad.


Wrangler spring conversion kits
for Jeep CJ's from 1955-1975.
Easy, simple, bolton pleasure for
your Jeep, Ahhhh.....




Body lift kits for all Jeeps.
Excellent way to get a little more boost
or clearance easily & inexpensively.




Jeep Bushing kits.... all sorts.




Steel axle shims for CJ's and YJ's.
NOT cheesy aluminum... true solid
billet steel shims!




High quality DOT, 50-state legal,
extended brake lines. Available for
CJ, YJ, and the new JK Wranglers.
Read why these are the best.




Jeep BONZ Shackles
may just be the coolest looking
suspension shackles on the planet.




Rocky Road engineered shocks are
designed specifically for the weight of
your Jeep. Most shocks are built for
full-size pickups, then simply sold to Jeep
owners... not Rocky Road




Shock pin adaptors for the tops of
your front shocks.



Shock mounted suspension
bumpstops. An excellent way to address
multiple problems in one simple
inexpensive solution.




Heavy Duty greasable rear shackle
hanger kits for CJ.




Ubolt skidplate kits
for your CJ or YJ. A great way to
add protection to your axle mounting
system and help keep you from getting
stuck on the trail.




UBOLTS kits for any year or YJ
Wranglers and, CJ 5, 7, or 8




Front Upper shock mounts.
Free up your CJ's front end suspension
with more flex by adding new bolton
shock mounts and long travel shocks.





New Factory replacement springs.
Same springs you'd get from your
dealership... at a fraction the price.




Help correct driveline angles for front &
rear helping or removing vibrations on
lifted Jeep CJs, 3" or taller.


 No more guessing!
Check out our awesome gear ratio calculator for all the stats you'd ever want to know on changing your tire size