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Jeep CJ Transfer case drop kit



Jeep CJ t-case drop

This easy to install kit helps get rid of unwanted rumbles and vibrations on some CJ's caused by lifting. Some super-cheap kits on the market use a folded steel drop mount which... if you actually take your CJ offroad, will bend, shift, and ultimately screw up your drivetrain. Be smart, pick up a heavy duty solid steel mount system like Rocky Road.


While some Jeeps can go as tall as 6" with no problems, others start grumbling at a simple 1" lift. You won't know which yours is until you take the plunge and do your lift. Generally though, its a good idea to use a tcase drop once you get to 3" of lift or taller.

Even with a Rear CV driveshaft conversion, the front driveshaft may still need assistance and the transfer case drop system helps ease those steep angles.

Rocky Road has transfer case drop kits for all Jeeps. This particular webpage is for CJ's. For any other model Jeep, please use the search box above. Our kits are confirmed to fit 72 and newer CJ's, yet may work fine for many older models. Please feel free to email us if you have questions about fit to your 1971 or older CJ.

Our kits are a simple and inexpensive way to beat having to do an SYE conversion.




Jeep CJ T-Case drop kits